Inside Out Writing Activity

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I knew when I saw the Disney movie Inside Out that it would have so many classroom applications!  Helping your students with emotional well-being is so important and not in the curriculum or the Common Core!  So I was so excited when I saw this movie because I knew students would be able to really relate to the characters emotions! So I was super excited about creating some Inside Out Writing Activities.

Work on writing with this free Disney Inside Out writing activity from Simply Kinder! Help your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students work on emotional intelligence through identifying the characters and relating the feelings to their real life experiences!

I started by getting some books from the movie Inside Out.  I knew not all of the students would have seen the movie and they needed to know the storyline and characters.  Some of the books were read during read aloud times and others were put into the classroom library.

Next step was writing.  Writing is a great time to start conversations and then release the students to really reflect and come to their own conclusions.  I used the books and these AMAZING lithograph posters from pre-ordering the movie to build up our stories with partners.


Students focused mainly on the characters of the story but the conversation that happened was great with regards to Anger and Sadness!

Inside Out writing activity.

Inside Out writing activity.

Inside Out writing activity.

Obviously, these stories were done with support at the start of the year but still great practice for the kids!

Continuing to talk about emotions, I felt like I needed some posters to really define what the different emotions were.

Inside Out Writing Activity

I found these great characters from the movie at the Disney Store (or here’s an amazon link but they are way cheaper at Disney.)  I also added smelly markers because I feel like when we are talking about emotions that adding smells is a great way to invoke some of those emotions!

From there we felt the kids had a good language base for some of the emotions in life.  So we moved the posters over to our little think tank space where students go to have a moment to regroup.

Time out space for kids to reflect on their behavior. (Includes free poster and tracking paper.)

It is very bland and there is nothing bright, smelly and no characters to play with because this is a space where kids go when they need to separated from other students.  I keep the figures close though on the teacher desk next to this area but not in reach for the kids to play with.

Inside Out Characters

Overall, since doing these activities the students are definitely identifying their feelings by name.  I LOVE that the movie helps kids to identify those important emotions.  Really helps in building metacognition and self-regulation for our little learners!

Click here to get the Emotions Posters and accountability printables.


  1. Caroline B

    I can’t find your TPT resources anywhere! A little help finding them please?

  2. Bex Mawn

    This looks really neat and has definitely got me thinking that I ought to do more like this in my own classroom!

  3. Laura Nabors

    Where can I find the page – Right now I feel with the images that match the emotions posters.

    Thank you for the poster freebie!

    Laura Nabors

  4. Jennifer

    Do you have a copy of the paper you used with this activity? I love the one with the emotions right in the middle!


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