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Back to School Kindergarten Star Classroom Printable

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Free prinatble for the classroom. You're a Kindergarten Star printables for back to school or the end of the year treats.

Back to School Kindergarten Star Classroom Printable

This fall many kids will be returning to class after a fun summer break while others will be stepping into the classroom for the very first time. Welcome them with a little treat on their desk letting them know that they’re already a Kindergarten Star! This is a free printable to use as a back to school welcome gift, a reward for good behavior or classroom achievements, or as a goodbye to your students at the end of the school year.

Kindergarten Stars for Students

Through the years I’ve seen quite a few ways teachers use to recognize good behavior or achievements. These usually include saving printed or real pennies, clips, or stamps. Students then use these to earn a visit to the class prize box. My kids have brought home books, bouncy balls, rings, and many other small trinkets. In one class my son’s Kindergarten teacher even handed out small stuffed animals for kids to keep on their desk for the day once they earned a certain amount of points. While teachers usually have different ways to show kids they recognize their extra effort, it seems to be a common staple of the school day routine. These Kindergarten Stars are small enough to be kept in your desk drawer and brought out at any time as encouragement. Or do what we did, hand them out to all the students as a little celebration!


  • Kindergarten Star Printable
  • Tape or Glue Dots
  • Individually Wrapped Candy

kindergarten star


First print as many stars are needed with the Kindergarten Star printable.

Secondly, cut out each star.

Third, add a piece of tape or a glue dot to the back of the wrapped candy and then place it just below the text on the star.

Kids love getting a small treat for a job well done!


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