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Eclipse Videos for Kids

Whether you are preparing for a specific eclipse or just learning about them, this video list is for you!  Check out our teacher-approved videos for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students!  (All content and video appropriate or otherwise noted!)

Not sure what time to watch the eclipse from where you live?  Scroll all the way to the bottom and we will help you figure that out!

Not sure what this solar eclipse stuff is all about?  Click here and we will tell you 20+ things teachers need to know about the total solar eclipse!

Solar Eclipse by The Dr. Binocs Show (3:57)

This is a great video filled with language appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students.  It talks about what happens, what kinds there are, and even touches base on how it is not scary when it happens.  PERFECT for our kiddos!


What is a Solar Eclipse? by Monkey See (1:58)

A very technical and quick definition of what a solar eclipse is.  I think it fits well though because it explains the kinds of solar eclipses in a way that is very easy to understand.  It also has some great computer-generated videos!

Eclipse Activities for Kindergarten.

When you are trying to understand what an eclipse is, it is always fun to make this fun little craft.  The kids will love spinning the moon around to cover the Earth.  And you can adjust the size of the black paper so the Moon goes directly over the sun for a total eclipse or between the Earth and Sun.  Click here to see more fun Eclipsed Activities for Kindergarten.

Eclipses by Happy Learning English (2:17)

This is a great video explaining the difference between a lunar and solar eclipses.  It does say you don’t need special eyewear for a lunar eclipse, so be prepared to speak about that before going out to watch an eclipse.

Specific to the Great Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Explained by Mr. DeMaio (3:43)

Another great video!  This explains the total solar Eclipse perfectly.  It even shows a total solar eclipse that has happened in Australia.  Super cool to see for sure!

Total Eclipse Activities for Kindergarten and a teacher approved video list all about eclipses!

These videos are great to pair with our Total Eclipse easy reader.  We like to use simple sentences, make the concept easy to understand, and have matching fun pictures to color!

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 by Kids Learning Tube (3:57)

I love this video for many reasons – I almost shut it down though because, well.  LOL. It makes you want to dance the robot!   But it explains the stages of a solar eclipse and safety precautions to take.  It will also show the map for the 2017 total solar eclipse!  Super neat!

Total Eclipse Hat for kids!

It’s always fun to celebrate with a good hat too!  Kids will love creating the fun 2017 with the moon and then creating a pattern around the band!  You can get this Total Eclipse BONUS pack free when you purchase the Eclipse Activities for Kindergarten!  It’s the perfect supplement for the big day!  Click here to check it out.

This is a very informative video about the total eclipse on August 21st, 2017.  I love this video because it shows how the eclipse will pass through the US – the path of totality.  It discusses how eclipses happen every several years and they are rarely seen by people.  It also gives a very thorough explanation of safety.

We have you covered with activities to match all these videos!  A little bit of literacy, a little bit of math, and a whole lot of fun!  Click here to grab our Eclipse Activities (and get the 2017 Total Eclipse BONUS pack free too!)  These activities are perfect for kindergarten, preschool, and first grade students!

Eclipse activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade from Simply Kinder!
Solar Eclipse Book for Kids from Simply Kinder!
Eclipse Activities for Kindergarten.

Once your kids know all about eclipses, you can declare them an Eclipse Student Expert.  They will love acknowledging that they can answer questions all about eclipses!  Click here for more Eclipse Kindergarten Activities.

Not sure when the best viewing time for the eclipse is?

We found Vox.com to be extremely helpful!  It will recognize your zip code (hopefully) and give you a great little video of what the eclipse will look like.  It also includes times so it is extremely helpful.  Click here to see what time it will be where you are at!

Click here for Annular Solar Eclipse Videos for Kids!

20 Things Teachers Should Know About the Great American Total Eclipse

Don’t really know what this total solar eclipse thing is all about?  We break it all down for you, click here!

A collection of Eclipse Videos for kids from Simply Kinder
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