Labor Day Activities for Kindergarten

Teach all about Labor Day with these lessons ideas, activities, and a fun free printable! Don’t get stuck with a complete community helpers unit but instead focus on a quick and interactive lesson focused on Labor Day! Keep reading for more and grab the free printable Labor Day activity.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like if the students are given a day off for a holiday that I am obligated to do a little mini-lesson on.  But Labor Day, what do you say without getting into a big old Community helper’s unit?  And so here are some ideas for Labor Day for Kindergarten that are quick, easy, and relatable for your students  (There is a freebie too all the way at the bottom.)

Labor Day Activites:

All good lessons start with some good literature right?

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

We all have a ton of books on community helpers, but here are two newer ones you may not have seen.  These books can be ordered using Amazon or you can see if your school or local library carries them.

Who Started the Labor Day Celebration? Holiday Book for Kids

What is Labor Day and who started it? Like all other celebrations, Labor Day has deep historic roots. This book will give you the juicy details that led to the celebrated annual holiday. 

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do
This book is perfect for talking about careers.  It shows a worker’s clothes on a clothesline, gives a clue in the text (that rhymes), and then shows that job in action.  It’s a great book because it not only supports the topic but also has rhymes and some of the text is very simple so the kids can read on their own.

Show Me Community Helpers Book

Show Me Community Helpers

This book is an encyclopedia of obs made especially for kids.  Each occupation has lots of pictures showing what they do and the sentences are simple (too hard for our kids to read independently, but still simple.)  

Videos on Community Helpers (Not Just Specific Jobs)

There are lots of full videos on specific occupations, but I wanted to show some quick videos for your mini-lesson and not really go too in-depth for each job.  

Labor Day Facts for Kids

PBS Kids All About Labor Day

Labor Day Facts for Kids

Sesame Street:  Who are the people in your neighborhood? (4:26)

You know the song.  You will watch it and be singing it the rest of the day.  “They are the person that you meet each day.”

Jobs Song (2:01)

This is an upbeat song about several jobs a person can have and a short little rhyme about what each does.  It jumps right into the jobs, so you may want to preface this with some talk about Labor Day.

Labor Day Activity

Labor Day Activity Free Printable

Then, you can wrap up your lesson with a great discussion and share this free printable with your students. It discussed vocabulary and community helps! Just enter your information here and the Simply Kinder Freebie Fairy will fly that over to your inbox!

Hopefully, you got some fun ideas to talk about for Labor Day.  Let us know in the comments how you talk about Labor Day with your students! 

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