Legi Liner Review: Add Lines Anywhere

We are so excited to share this cool new tool to use in your classroom to create writing lines anywhere and everywhere! Check out the video and helpful tips on how to use a Legi Liner today!

We were SO excited to come across this super cool Legi Liner and could not wait to get our hands on it. Legiliner is a new way for teachers to easily draw writing lines for students.

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This resource works well with

Here’s a video we made showing you of some of the things we are excited to use it with. 

A few tips:

  • You have to push just a little to make sure all three lines are put on the paper.  
  • Have your students blow slightly on the ink before writing to keep ink from getting on their hand.  
  • Store the LegiLiner standing right side up so the ink sinks to the bottom. 
  • Keep the top on it when you are not using it. 
  • I would try remembering to make the lines from left to right from the student perspective, just to reinforce that direction. (It’s hard because you are making it upside-down).

We can seriously come up with SO MANY meaningful ways to use the Legi Liner   in the kindergarten, preschool, and first grade classrooms.  It’s great to:

  • add lines to things that may not have lines (printables, coloring pages, interactive notebooks, etc)
  • add a line when you need a student to practice a skill again (like if you see a student struggling on a letter and they need to practice again but there is no lines left on the page)
  • add a line when you want a student to take learning further (like add a line for a sentence when they just have space for a word)
  • and, of course, I think this would be AMAZING in a center put in a center so students can add lines to things whenever they need

And LegiLiner now has lots of rolling writing tools to pick from.

We have the 3/4″ Dashed LegiLiner and LOVE it. You can add it to your Amazon cart here:

We are excited to be getting the LegiBoxes Rolling Stamp soon. We will share with you our review once we get it.You can add it to your Amazon cart here (they sell out quick):

We are also excited about the LegiLiner Tool Spaces that will leave individual spaces so students can tell where to write the letters. This is PERFECT for kindergarten (preschool and first too). We will also do a full review after we get this one but you can add it to your cart now on Amazon here:

You can also see more of their tools in this video LegiLiner shared with us.

I really seeing this as a must have tool for all early childhood teacher and am so excited to share it with you.  

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