Management, Decor, & Organization… Oh My!

These long breaks are a great time for some reflection!  It’s easy when you are teaching to think… oh this needs to be changed or that needs to be changed but who has the time do it when you are teaching?  Certainly not me!!!
Before I left in December I admit.. this was me!  We let go… we did crafts!
(With lots of writing for the record!)

I feel like no matter how much I plan and how consistent I am that management is just something I struggle with!  I really feel like it’s all part of a big puzzle too… my plans are not as detailed as they could be, the positive reinforcement structures in my class are not consistent enough, and there is always that one wall I want to move or do something different with!
But seriously who has the time during the year to do it all and do it was well as we would like to (and in some cases are expected to!)  I am so much more than a teacher for sure!

Aside from that.. I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, a chauffeur, a housekeeper, a cook, a dog walker, and the list goes on and on!  This is me most days for sure!  {I even set my clock back on my computer an hour so I feel as if I have an extra hour in the day!}

But somehow I pull it all together and year after year my kids make it to benchmark and so for that I consider myself an everyday miracle worker!

This little blog is all about sharing what I do and making things easier for other teachers!  So I am very excited to be focusing this next week on organizing, management, and redecorating a bit in my classroom!  (Yes I will be going in!)

So some friends and I got together to offer you this amazing bundle for you to quickly and easily make some changes!
I am so excited about this bundle because it includes new management techniques, behavior interventions, decor, forms, and all sorts of other organizational must haves!  It’s only $10.99 and includes over 600 pages of items that can be quickly and easily implemented when you return to your classroom!  And don’t forget.. you can use your Simply Kinder code to get an additional 20% off!  That’s a SUPER DEAL!
With the discount.. that makes the bundle only
$8.79 for Simply Kinder readers!
Craziness for what you get – over 600 pages!!!!
I just know you are going to love my partnering program.  Here’s how it works: you label the kids desks 1,2,3,4 and up.  Then you post a sign and all your 1 & 2’s are steaks, and your 3’s & 4’s are lobsters!  The kids think it’s hilarious and they get really excited about partner work when they are working with the bacon to their eggs!!!  =)
But this is just one product from the bundle.  There are 14 others!  Here’s a quick peek, but you can surely head over the Educents post to read about each one!
These first two are my favorite!
These will extend past the break and help me stay organized and on top of things!
The pirate set is ADORABLE and I am really excited about the Take A Break!  I will be making a spot in my classroom just for this!
I don’t have a clip chart but I am going to be incorporating may of the forms that come along with this clip chart set!  And the notes… ugh.. report cards too forever because I was not organized!
Super excited about these two as well… bracellets to quickly put on my students!  And the pizza pan.. that will be starting first thing in January!  Pizza pans are only $1 somewhere right?
I’ve always wanted one of those where are clip charts and calendars to stay organized!
And more organization I never have time for!  I am hopeful to get all this up and ready by next week!
A great management idea!  Students sign in with a password!  Could be a sight word or letter or really whatever you want!  Love it!
It’s only for a limited time so you won’t want to miss out!  DON’T FORGET YOUR DISCOUNT CODE for 20% more off!
Comment below one thing you want to change in your classroom and be entered to win one additional product from the listed participating stores!  {Oh you can pin something too for an extra entry!}
I don’t know about you all.. but when I get this down time I really like to catch up on work things!  So much easier to do now when I can give up an hour here or an hour there than staying an extra hour after work.  Not to mention the mental exhaustion!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday!
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