The Best Math Apps for Kindergarten

Are you looking for math apps for kindergarten? With more and more kindergarten classrooms gaining access to iPads, tablets and Kindles a frequently asked question in the Simply Kinder Facebook Group is, ‘What are the best apps?’.  Jennifer has already covered some of the best reading apps for kindergarten, so here are some fabulous math apps for kindergarten.  This is a mix of paid and free apps. I love a quality free app as much as anyone (and there are some great ones out there), but be cautious of free apps that only provide a limited version, or are full of easily clickable ads. While I know that budgets are tight, I do believe that if your school has the funds then it is sometimes better to invest in a few quality apps rather than a lot of free average ones.

These resources goes well with

  1. Monkey Math School Sunshine – available for android and iOS  [paid]

    This app is perfect for teaching math skills to kindergarten students. It’s from the same company that make Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (perfect for students who are struggling with basic concepts) which is one of the top rated preschool apps. It focuses on sequencing, patterning, counting, addition, subtraction, more/less, bigger/smaller and number recognition. This is a great app for independent work or for students to use during center time. I always recommend this app to parents.
  2. Moose Math – available for android and iOS [FREE]

    Moose Math is an app from the award winning Duck Duck Moose developers. Their apps are of a consistently high quality, and until recently were all paid apps. They have recently made all of their apps free and I encourage to you to check them all out (a few are just for fun, but most are educational). Moose math focuses on counting, addition, subtraction, sorting and geometry. This app is aligned with the common core standards for kindergarten and first grade and includes a teacher section for monitoring progress.
  3.  EduGuru Maths Kids 3-5 – Available for android and iOS [paid]

    This app is UK based, aligning to the UK curriculum, but still works well in American classrooms. It was produced with the input of teachers and schools. The UK has produced some excellent educational apps and this is one of them. EduGuru focuses on counting to 20, number recognition and ordering, addition and subtraction, ordering, matching, doubling, halving, patterns, measurement and time. There is a money component, but this uses UK currency.
  4. Park Math – Available on iOS [FREE]

    This is another great app from Duck Duck Moose. I love that this app has 3 different levels, great for extending students. Level 1 focuses on numbers to 20, with extension up to number to 100 by level 3. Park Math focuses on numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, greater than/less than, halves, patterns and sorting. The app has won numerous awards including iLounge’s Best Kids App of the Year. Hopefully an Android version will be released soon.
  5.  Splash Math –  Available on iOS [Paid]

    This app is more expensive than most but it is one that is constantly recommended when people ask for their best math apps for kindergarten. There is a classroom edition you can get, so this would be a good one to suggest if your school has funding available. Teachers will have access to student profiles and results which is very handy, and the app is aligned to the Common Core. Splash Math covers all the kindergarten math areas and is a great learning tool.
  6.  Owl and Pals Preschool – Available on Android and iOS 

    This app is great for your lower level children, focusing on basic concepts like counting, number recognition, shape and color sorting, matching and puzzles. This is a simple app that is perfect for independent play or center time. It is a paid app, but is only $1.50
best math apps for kindergarten

Do you know of any great math apps for kindergarten that we missed? Let us know in the comments below or join the Simply Kinder Facebook Group and let us know!

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