Arctic Animal Videos

Are you teaching about arctic animals and looking for some appropriate videos to show?  There is so much great footage out there but we really need to be careful because we don’t want to be showing animals mating or eating each other in kindergarten.  And so here is your teacher approved list of Arctic Animal Videos for kindergarten, first grade, and preschool.

This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Animals with Winter Coats by SciShow Kids (4:29)

This video talks about animals that neither migrate or hibernate, such as the Artic Fox and Artic Hare. These animals use their warm winter coat to help them survive in the frigid cold weather.

Migration: Big Animal Trips by SciShow Kids (4:31)

Learn all about animals that migrate and why they migrate for the winter.  This video includes all sorts of animals that migrate.

We love learning about arctic animals.  So many cool facts about them.  We will turn them into reports with our Arctic Animals Research and Craft Unit. We start with a close read and then plan on one of the many graphic organizers.  From there we have amazing content to write reports.  And we finish with these cute little crafts. Click here to see it on Simply Kinder and here on TpT.

Polar Bear by All Things Animal TV (6:40)


An information packed video about Polar Bears.  Learn about their characteristics, cubs, and so much more.

Cool Cute Cubs by BBC Earth Unplugged (2:38)

This is a MUST SHOW video for polar bears.  You will have to read it to your students but it has such great video of this amazing animal from it being a cub to swimming alone in the ocean.  It has the perfect amount of information and appropriate video too – no polar bears eatting seals in this video but you still get to see the polar bear breaking the ice, which is super cool.

Hinterland Who’s Who -Snowy Owl (1:00)

This is another quick video showing the Snowy Owl that is loaded with details.  It’s great for imagery, so the kids can see an actual snowy owl.

Walrus: Amazing Animals by National Geographic Kids (1:46)

This fast paced video is jam-packed with facts about the walrus and silly jokes your students will love.

I just love teaching about all of the different animals.  And during the winter I will do two separate units to learn about them.  One of my favorites is based around the animals from The Mitten.  Click here to see more of this unit including crafts, close reads, reports, and more!

Arctic Hares by Wildlife All About (3:20)

This is a very fun video about Arctic Hares. You will learn about their habitats, characteristics, and so much more!

Hibernation Song by Kiboomers (1:29)

This song discusses how a bear feels during the winter…sleepy. It is very basic but would work perfectly to transition students after talking about hibernation and bears.

All About Penguins by Nat Geo Kids (1:06)

This is a short but FULL video about penguins; it’s actually the intro video to a whole series of videos on arctic animals but I would use caution showing some of them.

Penguins by All Things Animal TV (6:39)


Join Ed and Eppa as they learn all about penguins. See how they live on land and also in the water.

Penguin Nonfiction Book for Kindergarten and first grade. This book is filled with facts and real photos about penguins. Also includes lots of matching writing activities.

There are so many great things to learn about penguins.  That’s why I love using this nonfiction book I can print for the kids to have and hold. Click here to see it on Simply Kinder and here for TpT.

Animals in the Arctic Ice (Up to 1:45 in video)

The first 1:45 of this video has some great footage of penguins. It shows them swimming and on the ice.  There are other animals after the penguins, but I would not show these for content reasons (a little too much for kinder).   Click here to see it on Simply Kinder and here for TpT.


5 Little Penguins by Patty Shukla Kids TV (2:08)

This cute little song about 5 penguins is a great visual for subtracting 1 and it does contain some basic facts about where and how penguins live.

Arctic Animal Videos - Polar Bears, Penguins, Walruses, Arctic Hares, and more!
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