Mother’s Day Questionnaires

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Me and My Mom and Me and My Grandma Questionnaires, Mother's Day Printables, Mother's Day Questionnaires

Are you looking for a special Mother’s Day gift for your students to create for their moms, grandmas, or aunts this year? These Mother’s Day Questionnaires make the best presents. They are heart-felt and the kids’ answers are always adorable. Parents will love looking back at these keepsakes in 20 years and seeing their handwriting, how they spelled their words, and reading their answers most of all.

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Mother’s Day Questionnaires:


  • Card Stock or Printer Paper
  • Printer
  • Me and My Mom, Me and My Grandma, Me and My Aunt Printables
  • Pencils
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Thermal Laminator
  • Laminating Pouches or Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets
  • Picture Frames


Print one Me and My Mom, Me and My Grandma, and/or Me and My Aunt printables on card stock or printer paper for each student. (click on the button below to print)


First, children will write out their answers to the questions. If a child is having a difficult time writing, you can help him or her by filling out the answers together. This would be a fun activity to do together if your class has “5th grade buddies” or other older mentors in the school.

Next, your students will draw a picture of their mom, grandma, or aunt.

Then, laminate the questionnaire or place it in a picture frame so it remains safe for many years to come.

Finally, you can have your students create their own wrapping paper for their Mother’s Day presents. They can stamp a large piece of paper with cookie cutters dipped in paint. Or, they can decorate a paper bag with stamps or stickers.

Your students are sure to love creating and giving these Mother’s Day Questionnaires to their moms, grandmas, and aunts for Mother’s Day this year. These special people will definitely love receiving this one-of-a-kind keepsake too.

There is now a “Me and My_____” questionnaire for those students who are being raised by other loved ones. Every version of this printable also has the reverse title, for example, “Me and My Mom” is also “My Mom and Me.”

A fun Mother's Day Craft for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. You can pick whether they do the Mother's Day Craft, or Mother's Day Directed Drawing to go in the center to the O.

A fun Mother’s Day Craft for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. You can pick whether they do the Mother’s Day Craft, or Mother’s Day Directed Drawing to go in the center to the O. Click here to get it direct on Simply Kinder or click here for TpT


  1. Jodi Lynn

    I SO appreciate the fact that you left a blank option. THANK YOU! Thank you for including a wide variety of people who are acting in a motherly role. We want to appreciate all “moms” in our lives and I am so grateful that ALL students can be included in a project like this!!

  2. Melissa Larrisey

    Thank you for recognizing that not all of our students have “mom” in their life. Many of my students are cared for by their aunt or grandmother. It was so nice to finally find something that all of my students can use.

  3. julie

    THANK YOU for the varieties. I needed the one for AUNT. 🙂 Now Aunt Rachel will feel loved and appreciated too!


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