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Are you looking for Videos About Decoding CVC words?  Here is your teacher-approved list of YouTube videos from Simply Kinder. These videos would be perfect to start a lesson, to model reading, or even at the end of a lesson to bring it all together. Almost all of the videos show and model the letters used in the CVC word, the recode, and a picture to represent the CVC word.

The CVC Song by Harry Kindergarten Music (2:13)

This CVC song is great for practicing CVC words. It is fast paced and has a visual to go with each word.

Blending Words for Kids by ELF Kid Videos (2:19)

This video is slow paced but would be perfect for introducing CVC words or using in a small group instruction with students that may be struggling. This video does offer a visual for support and a short sentence using the CVC word and beginner sight words.

Blending CVC Words with Starfall by Starfall Education Foundation (1:46)

This video is slow paced but great for showing students how one letter in a word can change a word and it’s meaning. In this video, it shows either the beginning or ending letter being changed.

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading-CVC Words by Epic Phonics (1:55)

This video is great to have students practice reading CVC words. It is faster paced and provides an image after the word has been read to support your readers.

This activity goes well with

Sound Out Words by Tracy Feller (4:38)

This is a great video to explain the order and direction to read the words.  It is definitely a slow pace, so I would use this video when you are just starting to talk about CVC words.

CVC Words – Short Vowel Songs by Jack Hartmann (2:19)

Each of these is about 2 minutes in length and they are great for modeling reading.  It also has a catchy toon that teaches the kids what CVC stands for!

Let’s Read by Maple Leaf

These are little minute and a half videos that the kids fluently read the words (there is no sounding out).  Every couple of words, there is an animation for the word.  They go a little fast, but it would definitely be a great challenge for the kids.  We also don’t link letter U because it has a gun in it that shoots as the animation.

Hooked on Phonics Videos

Hooked on Phonics is, of course, a paid video but they have a few free videos on their site as samples.  These are my favorites for blending.  (Each is only a few minutes).

Are you looking for videos About Decoding CVC Words? Here is our teacher-approved list of decoding videos from Simply Kinder!
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