Minion Valentine Bags!

I was looking to change up my Valentine routine a bit and so today we made these super cute Minion Valentine’s Bags!  That’s right.. we ditched the mailboxes this year and went with these fun bags that kids can just drop all their valentines into the mouths!

They were so simple and the kids just love them!
Here’s how I made them:
Step One:  Write your name on the flap of a big brown grocery bag… or the bottom of the bag.  Turn the bag over so it’s the flat part.
Step Two:  Glue on a piece of paper onto the bag.  I showed the kids how to glue it at the bottom and push it down as I apply the glue.  Otherwise the glue would dry before you did the whole bag!
Step 3:  Bring your bag to ME and let ME cut the round head.  Kids scissors are just not sharp enough there is no way they could get the shape correct.
Step 4:  Show the kids how to make a basic Minion.  I cut out most of the pieces for the students so they just had to glue them on.  Below is the shapes you will need to make them.  (You will also need 2 large silver circles, 2 medium white circles, and 2 small black circles.  I traced these myself and rizo’d them so they kids just had to cut the circles.)
So this is where we had to break for Specials.  We all had a basic Minion. I would highly suggest having a scheduled stop here and not giving them everything at once!  =)  Up to here took about 30 minutes when you could all the directions.
Step 5:  Teacher cuts the mouths.  I did this while the kids were at specials but you could easily do it while the other kids are working above!
Step 6:  Next we added some Minion individuality.  I showed the kids how to do make hair, mustaches, eyelashes and lips.  We did lots of basic shapes and just showed them how to cut squiggly lines put the shaped together to make other shapes!  Aren’t they cute!  (Oh we added hearts because it is Valentine’s Day!
So here is my class of Minions…  aren’t they cute!
So I was unaware that the purple Minions are evil.. so we had to talk about how Minions could technically only say a few words so they can’t really pretend do evil things with them because they don’t talk.  I personally have only heard them say banana and bottom… LOL.  They were so into whose team everyone was on and coming up with the grandest stories about what the Minions were going to do!  LOL.. tomorrow we will get some great stories about Minions I am sure!
And I will end with my favorite Minion video!  I play this sometimes as a treat for the kids!
Happy Valentine’s Everyone!
PS – Did you hear it’s going to be a full moon?  Oh dear!
Has calling out crossed your mind like it has mine?  I could never!  It’s one of my favorite days!

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