Mother’s Day Frame & Gift Book with Freebies!

I am so excited to share this super adorable Mother’s Day gift that a group of teachers at my school does each year!  This is seriously the best gift I have ever made or got from my own child for Mother’s Day so I am sure you will love it!

Isn’t it adorable?  They are seriously so cute! So I thought I would share with you how they make them so you too can create these little gems with your students!

First, you will need some supplies!  You will need a wooden frame, fake flowers (each frame needs one stem), paint, things to embellish, 1 picture of each child with their hand out like they are holding a flower, and scissors (or a razor).  I was fortunate to get all of my supplies at Michaels when they were on sale so it was not too much of a cost to create these!

To start I took all the kids pictures.  To do this is a little tricky.  THey have to hold their hands out like they are holding a flower and a little to the side so they are not holding the flowers in front of their faces.  (You can see the pictures below to see where the hand needs to be places.)  Then of course print the pictures.  I used Costco because the quality and convince for me but you can surely print them at home.
Next tape the little peg to hold the frame to the back of the frame.  This would also be a good time to put the student’s name on it.
And decorate with whatever you have! You have to tell them to paint the edges too… they will need lots of reminders to do that (as you can see above that inside edge is not painted too well.)
Next you will prepare the picture… cut a small slit above and below the hand so you can slide the flower it to look like he is holding it!
And there you go… an amazing little project that is kid made and yet polished to look amazing that all your families will LOVE!
A fun Mother's Day Craft for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. You can pick whether they do the Mother's Day Craft, or Mother's Day Directed Drawing to go in the center to the O.

A fun Mother’s Day Craft for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. You can pick whether they do the Mother’s Day Craft, or Mother’s Day Directed Drawing to go in the center to the O.  Click here to check it out. 

So this year I am pairing my frames along side my new WOW Mom Gift Books!
Do you see it?  WOW on top, Mom on the bottom.  I have always created these as cards but now they are an easy to use template & book you can give as a card or gift!
This book is loaded with writing prompts that are good for kinder through second grade (shown below is one I would use for Kinder or First.)  The prompts include things like what you mom does good, why you love your mom, and what you mom likes!  The students answers will surely crack you and your families up!

The other pages styles are just question prompts with lines to answer the questions in complete sentences!

I also like to include graphic organizers in my sets like these.  It allows you to literally create your own stories about the topic and still use the template with the blank writing pages also provided!  So you can literally make this project into anything you want!
Some of the graphic organizers are including as free downloads in the preview images on TpT!
May is just around the corner!  Hope everyone is having a great school year!
Linking up for other great Mother’s Day ideas!
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