My Central Management Station {And A Sale}

Do you have a command central in your classroom?  One central station where you post things? Thought I would give you a peek into mine because I use mine for so many management things in my class!

So let me explain a few things.
I am no good at classroom jobs.  I admit.  So I implemented a Handy Helper each day.  That one person gets to do everything for the class.  (Well except be the line leader.)
So this particular year it was better management wise for me to do a boy line and a girl line.  Do I do this every year?  NO… but this class needed that for sure!  We also had to do line order so this was the order in which they lined up.  Then the papercliped child would go to the front for the whole day.  Very simple, very straightforward for the kids.  And it’s just a word document.. so easy to create on your own!
I also kept this fabulous management chart from Sommer Pride!  It’s called Pizza Pan Praise and we earn a popcorn party for different goals we decide.  The kids love it and super easy to manage for me!    Straightforward, they earn popcorn for desired behaviors.  =)  These are a little harder to earn so I am not giving them popcorn each week.  =)
I also hour my Partner Up For Fun system here.  This is the fun way I do partners.  Keep reading…

If your table has a 1 or a 2, you are a hamburger.  If your desk has a 3 or a 4 you are a hot dog.  So instead of saying “1’s and 2’s get the books, 3’s and 4’s get the reading carpets,” I will say “Hot dogs get the carpets and hamburgers get the books.”  It’s just so much more fun for sure!  This set comes with TONS of partnership options so you can switch them each week or even more fun with your theme!  (During my food unit we are Steak and Lobster!)

There there are my bins:

We do breakfast in the room so we have extra wet wipes ALL THE TIME!

These are the behavior cards I talked about in my post about removing my clip chart.  Students earn 3 card choices per day and then trade them in for prized.  (Yellow is we talked about a rule, orange you trade 10 and purple you trade 5 or a prize.)

These yellow bands…lifesaver for kindergarten the first few weeks. Put these yellow bands on your students at recess and  you can easily see which kids are yours out of all the classes!  They also work great for field trips.  Seriously try this if you have not yet!

And then my name tags.  I make these super durable.  They are plastic name tags from an office store with the little metal clips.  I put their lunch numbers on the back and collect them after they key them in at lunch.  (Do your kids have to put lunch numbers in?)  Anyways.. they last all year and are great when subs or guests come to class!

Happy Back To School Everyone!

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