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Kid President Everyday Challenge!

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I have been talking a lot lately about what I have learned as a teacher from my experiences as a parent with a child struggling to learn.  The other day I posted about how I took my behavior chart down and today I am going to share another with you and challenge you to do this as well!

With messages like below, it’s so important!  I noticed as I was working with kids that they really don’t do enough positive self talk to become truly happy people!  So me being the teacher I am… I decided I was going to do something to change it!
(An image taken from pinterest, click image to see!)
We started watching Kid President EVERY SINGLE DAY!  This exact video.
With messages like:
– It’s OK to disagree but it’s not OK to be mean
Life is tough, but so are you
– I have BBQ sauce on my shirt too
– If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you are not thinking hard enough
SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS KID!  These are lessons the kids to to speak in their sleep!
Check out the full video below:
We started by watching it all the way through.   Then we would pause one a day (starting with the easy ones) and really talk about it.  We would come up with examples that related to the classroom and home.  These conversations literally took about 10 minutes tops and they made a huge difference in the long run!
After awhile (probably 2 months) my kids could recite the video.  I found it humorous but then I noticed the kids were saying these things to each other.  I will NEVER forget when a little girl responded to another who had cut in line “everything is going to be OK.”  Of course I dealt with the line cutter, but my little girl who was upset really needed to keep things in perspective and realize it was going to be OK!  And I did not have to intervene… the other students did it and it was WAY MORE POWERFUL!
We eventually got to the more complex examples like the BBQ sauce one.  We really focused on  how we should not be pointing the finger at each other so much in life.  After all, “if you can’t think of anything nice to say, you are not thinking hard enough!”  It takes time, but the lessons are so meaningful!
So I challenge you to do the same.  It will take about 3 minutes to play the video and then any discussion you have will be extra of course.  But the time will pay off in the end for sure!

For more character development stuff I love check out my Pinterest board! Follow Simply Kinder’s board Character Development on Pinterest.

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