Thankful Tree Free Printable

Use this FREE thankful tree printable during your Thanksgiving lesson to have students show their appreciation. This easy-to-use activity is perfect for students to complete and share at home. Get your FREE printable below or download it instantly as a member of Simply Kinder + here!

Children having gratitude ranks high up on my list.  And so this Thankful Tree is a great activity to do with your students during your Thanksgiving lessons.

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

We start off by reading two of my most favorite books about being thankful.

Our Thankful Trees
Our Thankful Trees
Our Thankful Trees

(This last book has a mention of God, so you will want to consider that before you read this book).

After we’ve read these books, I give the kids a page of 6 leaves. We sit on the rug and talk about what we are thankful for. If student A said, mom, then I would write that word on my whiteboard and tell the kids whoever is thankful for their mom write that on a leaf. We continued to do this until all of our leaves were filled out.  Oh, we use black crayons so the gratitude pops from the page when the leaves are colored in.

After this, they colored their leaves. Color choices are brown, orange, and yellow, as many or as few of each color they like. Next, each student needs a long piece of construction paper. They can color and cut out their tree and leaves and glue them on.

On the last page, they can cut out the title and glue it on writing in their name. I chose to add a math twist on ours since we’re working on adding. Have the kids cut, glue, and fill in the answers.

They’re proudly being displayed up on our bulletin board for the next couple of weeks.


You can get your free copy of the thankful tree project here.

I’d love to hear how you incorporate gratitude and thankfulness into your plans for November!

And if you are working on Thanksgiving, you will love this book.  Our interactive Thanksgiving Reader has everything from a DAP  the story of Thanksgiving, to be thankful, to eating turkey.  We just did an update to this resource too, so make sure you grab the update!  (Click here to check it out now).

Thankful Tree Free Download from Simply Kinder. Great for talking about being grateful and it's a fun math lesson too.

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