Partner Up For Fun, MpM Giveaway, and Some Winners!

This last week one of my main goals was to get my tables set!
Have you used the plastic desk pockets before?  Oh-Em-Gee they are amazing and I am not sure how I ever lived without them!  Goodbye box tape!  You basically just affix the pocket to the desk and then you can easily slide name tags in and out to move students!  Seriously so quick and easy!  My son’s teacher used them and raved and so I had to get them!  I will never go back!  I use the larger set because I like the long name tags but they also have the smaller set of plastic sleeves!
And guess what… MpM has jumped on board and is awarding 2 people a set of small plastic desk sleeves AND $20 so they can get the desk plates of their choice or whatever!  Don’t you love them?!?! So enter below for your chance to win!
You may be wondering about the numbers on my desks.  These are a part of my Partner Up For Fun Partnering Program.

I got SO tired of peanut butter and jelly.  So I created a simple system I can easily call them steak and lobsters, or eggs and bacon, or burger and fries.
Here’s how it works.  You permanently attach numbers to your table.  Then you use one of the signs in the set to quickly change out what you call them.  So every other Monday (or so) I will just pull the steak and lobster out and put in salt and pepper.  And waaalaaa we are now salt and pepper.
I like to do numbers… kinders don’t quite know what odd and even are (or it’s really not appropriate for them to know LOL) but you have several options of how you place the numbers on your desks so the system will work for you.  I gave my sister a set of odd and even for her second graders and she loves it!

And lastly to some winners!  First off is our big Freebielicious giveaway!  I will be contacting you via email today!  Congrats!

I have had several people ask me where I got this jump drive.  So… I wanted to share I got it at Staples for only $9.99.  I love it because it is secure on my keychain and cute!  Not to mention I don’t lose it!

And be sure to head on over to Freebielicious to see if you are a grand prize winner.

And yesterday I had a fun little commenting contest for some free items I was given that I won’t use.  The task was to tell me the grosses kindergarten story you have.  I have to say that they were all really disgusting!  I don’t know about you… but I really felt bad for the kids!  There was lots of poo, vomit, some sprouting ear, and even chicken poo!  LOL… sick!  The winner though, the one who had it taken to a whole new level is Diana.  She got a kid’s puke in her shoes!  Count you imagine just walking to the sink or having to clean them out!  I mean you have to!  It’s like if you drop your phone in the toilet… you have to get it right!?  LOL.
Here’s her story:  “Well after many years of dodging all kinds of gross things, I made a terrible mistake last year during our first week of school. One of my sweet kinders fell asleep at 11:00 a.m. and it was time to go to special. He was out!!!! I tried the usual wake up honey to no avail. I kneeled down and was trying to stand him up. I got him “kind of standing up”, leaning on my shoulder, when…….he vomited right over my shoulder, down my ENTIRE back and into my shoes. I was squishing in my shoes!!!!! Aaahhh! Needless to say, I will never stand up a sleeping kid again.

I will be contacting you so I can mail you your prize!

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