Printable Flower Mazes

We can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming! It is all about flowers in this pack of Printable Flower Mazes. It’s a perfect set to keep the kids busy on snowy or rainy days when they just can’t go outside and play.

Printable Flower Mazes

Ready to find your way through this fun maze?

You will find three different mazes in this simple printable flower mazes set.

While all of the flowers are designed in the same way, they each have a unique maze to solve. These are great to give to preschoolers and kids in kindergarten. These are especially great for kids who are not yet ready to start writing on their own as they are great for fine motor skills and make for a good and engaging pre-writing practice.

There are many benefits for solving mazes, they help children to work on their executive functioning skills (like planning and brainstorming strategies). They are great for visual motor as most kids will first skim the mazes visually in order to try and find the solution before going in with their crayons.

As most of the kids can solve them, they are also a great way to build up academic confidence.

And most of all, they are fun for kids.

Flower Mazes


You can use this set of learning printables both in the classroom or at home (great for homework).

Grab this set of Printable Cute Flower Mazes.

All of these printables can be colored in once solved to make them even more fun for the kids!

We do recommend you laminate this set of printables as this will make them more durable. The students can then use dry erase markers to solve them and color them in. You will find this is especially useful if you plan to use this resource in the classroom.

Printable Flower Mazes
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