Number Bonds to Ten Rainbow Craft

Number Bonds to Ten Rainbow Craft

Spring is finally here and it seems like the perfect time to make a rainbow cloud craft. This is an activity I have done most years in Kindergarten, but this year I decided to put a math spin on it by focusing on our number bonds to ten. While we focused on the number ten, you could also do the same activity with number bonds to twenty (use a larger cloud – A3 cardstock – and thinner strips of paper).

This was a consolidation activity in our class, as we have spent several months focusing on these concepts and this was a fun way to finish and to have an item to put on display as a visual reminder.

For this activity I pre-cut the clouds and the paper strips to make it easier, however, if you have a more capable class, you could have them do their own.

number bonds to ten rainbow craft supplies


What you need: 

  • Blue card stock (for the cloud). Paper will work too, but card is the preferred choice.
  • Colored construction paper – rainbow colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton wool balls

Setting Up

  • Cut out cloud shapes from the blue card stock (I hand drew these)
  • Cut the colored paper into strips length wise
  • Put out glue and cotton balls on each table

What to do

This activity can be done as a whole class or small group activity. I prefer to complete the number bonds as part of our math time, and then finish off the activity during craft time, although this is a personal choice.

number bonds to ten rainbow craft steps 1
  1. Write the number ten (or twenty) in the middle of the cloud)
  2. Glue cotton wool balls around the outside of the cloud
  3. Write the number bonds on the colored strips of papernumber bonds to ten rainbow craft steps 2
  4. Glue the number bonds onto the cloud as shown (assistance may be needed with this bit, especially if you want them in the correct order).
  5. Display in your classroom!
number bonds to ten rainbow craft final

I hope you’ve enjoyed this math craft activity. These look great displayed around the room and my children love to use them as a visual reminder of their number bonds.

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