Easter Comparison Printable

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Are you ready for Easter? It’s certainly one of the more fun holidays and kids do love it very much.

We have prepared a Easter comparison printable, a gentle learning printable pack that asks the kids to look and compare Easter themed objects.

Easter Comparison Printable

Ready to find your compare the objects?

You will find three worksheets in this simple printable Easter Comparison worksheet set. Your students will be taking a look at different Easter themed objects and compare them one to the other.

On the first worksheets kids have to compare the objects (bunnies, chicks and kids) by their size and identify and circle the one that is the smallest. The little pictures can be colored too.

On the second worksheets they have to identify the tallest one between the chicks, bunnies and kids. Again all the pictures can be colored.

On the last worksheet in this printable your students will need to look at the scales and objects on them and identify and circle the one that is heavier. Such a fun way to practice weight comparison. As with the previous two pages in this printable set, this one too can be colored. We really think coloring adds some fun to the learning.


Easter Comparison Printable

You can use this set of learning printables both in classroom or at home (great for homework).

Grab this set of Comparisson Easter Printables.

We do recommend you laminate this set of printables as this will make them more durable.

The students can then use dry erase markers to solve them and to color them in. You will find this is especially useful if you plan to use this resource in the classroom. Alternative to laminating would be to use page protectors which are even better for classroom use as you can reuse them.

Easter Comparison Printable


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