Alphabet Printables with Mouth Pictures - Print and Seesaw


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Alphabet Printables with Mouth Pictures – Print and Seesaw

Grab this as part of a bundle here:
Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos Bundle here or
Phonics and Phonemes Bundle here (includes above bundle plus a full sound wall with mouth photos)
Included in this bundle is:
4 printables with the mouth photos. Each letter has students rainbow writing the sound, identifying the sound in pictures, and writing the sound. The mouth photo encourages students to say the sound while they work with it. There are 2 upper case pages and 2 lower case pages.
2 Seesaw versions of one of the printables above. Activities include the same and additionally ask students to record themselves saying the sound before they submit their work.
This set includes letters a-z with short vowel sounds represented. It also include ch, sh, th, and ng in lowercase only.
Jennifer Kadar – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade – Simply Kinder


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