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Sound Wall with Mouth Photos

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Sound Wall with Mouth Photos
❤️ Deepen your students understand of sounds by organizing them onto a sound wall. Each of the 44 phonemes has a mouth formation and sound spelling card with keyword picture.
Get this resource as part of a bundle too:
Included in this download is: a consonant and vowel wall for all spelling patterns and a beginner version for kindergarten focusing on more sounds covered in kindergarten.
Both consonant and vowel wall includes:
  • easy print setup on the pages, don’t cut out all the rectangles as many of these items will be next to each other on the chart.
  • yellow sound spelling cards so you can cover the spelling patterns you are not teaching with a classic sticky note
  • locks to cover untaught sounds if you choose
  • titles for your chart
  • directions for how to set up your charts
Included in this bundle is a Consonant Wall :
  • mouth articulation photos with photos of diverse kindergarten students (7.5 x 3.75)
  • sound spelling card with nonfiction keyword photo (3.6 x 6.9)
Included in this bundle is a Vowel Wall :
  • mouth articulation photos with photos of diverse kindergarten students (3.75 x 2.6)
  • sound spelling card with nonfiction keyword photo (8 x 3.75)
Spelling patterns are intentional and go from most frequent to least based on the Auburn catalog of frequency for each phoneme.
Is this resource aligned with the Science of Reading?
This is a question we get asked a lot. The Science of Reading is a body of work that is not complete. At Simply Kinder we have been learning about the Science of Reading since 2019 and have done hundreds of hours of professional development, conferences, and trainings in research based literacy. (It’s personal to us). We have extensive training in Orton-Gillingham approaches and have seen it work first hand.
So, is this resource aligned? Yes, it is aligned with what we know and believe to be best practice for what we currently know about the Science of Reading.
~ How do I use for kindergarten? Please follow your good curriculum and district requirements. There is lots of information out there too about sound walls. This is a tool – so you have to decide if you want to build the tool on the wall as you introduce the sounds OR have the tool all there for students to access from the start.
~ Does this have Q & X? This file does include combo sounds – q and x per request and some programs have these sounds on their sound walls while others do not.
~ What titles are there? We give you the words consonant, stops, nasal, liquids, affricates, fricatives, glides, continuants, combination, and other. You won’t need to use all of these as some teachers use continuants and others use affricates and fricatives.
Teacher Reviews:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am so glad I decided to purchase this pack for implementing a sound wall this year! The mouth position photos and voiced/unvoiced symbols help when introducing a new sound to students. I know I can use this for years to come and for a variety of different grades based on the variety of options. Highly recommend!”
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Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool
© Simply Kinder, LLC
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