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Consonant Sound Wall for Kindergarten


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Consonant Sound Wall for Kindergarten
Grab this as part of a bundle here:
Phonics and Phonemes Endless Bundle here (Also great for kindergarten and beyond).
Deepen your student’s understanding of consonants sounds by organizing them onto a sound wall.
Included in this bundle are:
~ mouth articulation photos with photos of kindergarten students (5.8 x 3.7)
~ sound card with letter (2.9 x 4.1)
~ sound cards with example words (4 options, see below)
~ locks to cover untaught sounds
~ voiced and unvoiced icons
~ sound type headers
Sounds Card Options. These cards are intentional and include one picture for each spelling pattern for that sound. So for the sound /s/ you will get sun, kiss, rice, and circle. These are the 5 ways you can create the /s/ sound using letters.
  • picture cards (1.8 x 1.9) – small picture cards with words written small. These are great if you want to just display a photo. They are small because you most likely are limited on wall space. They are meant to be a reference not tools for teaching (those will be posted separately later)
  • spelling pattern cards (1.8 x 4.1) – these include the picture and spelling pattern. So for kiss, it would just have _ss.
  • spelling pattern cards (1.8 x 4.1) – these include the picture and word with orange highlight over the pattern.
  • word cards (1.8 by 4.1) – these include the picture and word
  • word cards with some markings that include a picture


~ How do I use it for kindergarten? Please follow your good curriculum and district requirements. There is lots of information out there too about sound walls. This is a tool – so you have to decide if you want to build the tool on the wall as you introduce the sounds OR have the tool all there for students to access from the start.
~ Does this have Q & X? This file does include combo sounds – q and x per request and some programs have these sounds on their sound walls while others do not.
~ What titles are there? We give you the words consonant, stops, nasal, liquids, affricates, fricatives, glides, continuants, combination, and others. You won’t need to use all of these as some teachers use continuants and others use affricates and fricatives.
Jennifer Kadar – Kindergarten – First Grade


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