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[BUNDLE SALE] Sound Wall with Mouth Photos


Sound Wall with Mouth Photos
❤️ Deepen your students understand of sounds by organizing them onto a sound wall. Each of the 44 phonemes has a mouth formation and sound spelling card with keyword picture.
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Included in this download is:
  • Sound Wall with Spelling Cards – Deepen your students’ understanding of sounds by organizing them onto a sound wall. Each of the 44 phonemes has a mouth formation and sound spelling card with keyword picture. We give you a full spelling pattern set and a kinder set too but they are sticky note yellow so you can easily cover patterns you are not teaching. This comes with a kindergarten sound wall version and a full or advanced option as well. It’s everything. you need for kindergarten and beyond!
  • Sound Spelling Cards – These are just the sound spelling cards. Each card has spelling patterns listed in order of frequency and an engaging keyword nonfiction photo. It also comes with a full spelling pattern set OR kindergarten set that focuses only on spelling patterns typically taught in kinder (ie. the long vowel for a only includes a_e, not ay, ai, etc.). Cards come in sticky note yellow to cover spelling patterns you are not covering (or have not covered yet) and white. Sizing is 10.6 by 4.1 and 5.8 by 4.1, so they are different sizes in the Sound Wall above.
  • Teacher Tip Cards – These are new and currently only available in this bundle. Each phoneme has a tip card with the proper mouth formation in photos and words, keyword pictures, any quirks the sound has, and spelling patterns. The spelling patterns are in order by most frequently, including sample words, and generalizations on when to possibly use that spelling pattern.
  • Spelling Pattern Picture Cards – In this file we give you 116 pictures, one for each spelling pattern for each of the 44 phonemes. For example, the sound k has spelling patterns c, k, ck, and ch. We give you one picture for each of those spelling patterns. And then we give them to you in different sizes to use. At this level, it’s not about teaching them different spelling patterns BUT about recognizing and exposing them to words that have that sound NOT just that initial sound. Very powerful.
  • Sound Wall (Just the Labels) – This file contains all the labels (such as vowels and consonants, stops, etc) and icons (such as voiced and unvoiced). The labels are clipart and not real photos.
  • Individual Sound Charts – This is a huge file that includes every option you could possibly want in an individual sound wall. Want to focus on just kindergarten sounds? We got you. Want to use real mouth pictures on there? We got you. Don’t see an option you need, let us know and we will add it.
  • Phoneme Cards – These cards are great for showing students the proper mouth formation for each sound. You get to pick from 3 different options on what you want on these cards. They range from just printed letters to icons for voiced and unvoiced. These are perfect for your sound wall if you have lots of space or are great for holding during whole or small group instruction to show correct formation.
  • Alphabet Mouth Photo Cards | Articulation Photos with Real Photos – Show your students photos of how to make the sounds with these great photo cards.
What makes this resource Science of Reading aligned?
  • The sound wall is based on the sound charts from the world of linguistics which looks at how our language is made. Teaching students this wall really connects what they hear with what they read and write.
  • Keywords are all intentional and align with our other Science of Reading resources (short e is edge).
  • Real Mouth Professional Photos of Kindergarten Students for each letter & sound.
The Science of Reading is a body of work that is not complete. At Simply Kinder we have been learning about the Science of Reading since 2014 and have done hundreds of hours of professional development, conferences, and trainings in research based literacy (it’s personal for us). We have extensive training in Orton-Gillingham approaches and have seen it work first hand.
~ How do I use for kindergarten? Please follow your good curriculum and district requirements. There is lots of information out there too about sound walls. This is a tool – so you have to decide if you want to build the tool on the wall as you introduce the sounds OR have the tool all there for students to access from the start.
~ Does this have Q & X? This file does include combo sounds – q and x per request and some programs have these sounds on their sound walls while others do not.
~ What titles are there? We give you the words consonant, stops, nasal, liquids, affricates, fricatives, glides, continuants, combination, and other. You won’t need to use all of these as some teachers use continuants and others use affricates and fricatives.
Teacher Reviews:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am so glad I decided to purchase this pack for implementing a sound wall this year! The mouth position photos and voiced/unvoiced symbols help when introducing a new sound to students. I know I can use this for years to come and for a variety of different grades based on the variety of options. Highly recommend!”
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