Kindergarten Centers Bundle – Simply Centers Year Long Bundle – Literacy Centers

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Kindergarten Centers Bundle – Simply Centers Year Long Bundle – Literacy Centers


Included in this download is:

Each Simply Center comes with:

– a print and play game in color and black and white to print on color paper

– an objective and direction card that is editable so if you don’t like my directions you can change them, on the back of the card is a photo of the center so the students have a visual of what they are supposed to be working on

– several accountability pages so you can pick what works best for your students


Simply Centers are stored on our Dropbox and our Google Drive.

This file currently includes individual centers. Each center is sold individually for $3. This file is ENDLESS so any new Simply Centers that are created will be added to the files!

Since this is the YEAR LONG LITERACY BUNDLE, you will be able to sort the centers by:
~ Quarter
~ Academic Concept
~ Theme

Upon purchase you will get a link to the files.


To see each literacy quarter individually:

First Quarter (CLICK HERE) – August, September, beginning of October
Second Quarter (CLICK HERE)- end of October, November, December
Third Quarter (CLICK HERE) January, February, March
Fourth Quarter (CLICK HERE) April, May, June


However, this is an Endless Bundle. Endless meaning any other Simply Centers we create will be added here and to their perspective quarter (if purchased individually).


This file currently includes 102 individual Literacy Simply Centers.

Themes include:

~ Apples
~ Back to School
~ Bats
~ Fall
~ Fire Safety

~ Frog

~ Leap Year

~ Penguins
~ Pumpkins

~ Puddles
~ Snow
~ St. Patrick’s Day
~ Summer
~ Turkey
~ Valentine
~ Winter

The academic concepts/centers covered are/will be:

– alphabet (letters and sounds)
– phonemic awareness (working with sounds individually and with words, although PA is an auditory skill, remember all of our centers have accountability pages so there is writing involved)
– phonics (working with the whole word)
– sight words (we use a variety of words but will do our best to make these editable so you can customize the words you want)
– writing

Some themes, academic topics, or centers have more than others. As the bundle grows, we may not have certain themes done yet but they will be included as they are created.



– What if I purchased the quarter separately? We did not list the big bundle until the end because I was personally not comfortable selling you something a year out. If you purchased at the $10 release price, you got the best price, even better than this bundle. If you are concerned with the cost, please look at what you paid for each quarter to determine if it is more cost effective for you to purchase the last quarter individually or the bundle. Please reach out if you want to chat about your specific situation. I am always 100% going to do what is right and fair for you!

– What is the price and how did you come up with it? We pride ourselves on keeps our resources a great value for teachers. Here’s how it works out on paper:

——–> There are currently 94 centers included at $3 each so that is $282 if bought separately. (Look at the current number of centers listed above though, because it may be higher).
——–> There are 4 quarters which we discount to $20 a quarter, so $80 if you bought each quarter separately. (Hopefully you picked them up when they first released so they were even lower than that).
——–> If you want the whole year’s set, we break it down even more. So you are really getting a great value. We understand that you won’t possibly need and use ALL of these centers, so we want to make sure we don’t go over the value of what you will actually use.

– If I purchased all the quarters, can I get access to this file too? YES. Please email me because it will be so much easier for you to sort through the centers on this file than the quarterly ones.

– How many centers will be included in this set? No idea. As we create more Simply Centers, we will include them here. You are paying for the DISCOUNTED value of what you are purchasing in this bundle NOW, so the price may go up as we grow it bigger.

– When will you be adding centers? We are actively adding centers in the 2018/19 school year. We plan to grow this bundle big!


Font style – currently only in traditional fonts. The writing centers would be the only issue, most accountability pages are open-ended. (We will do our best to get d’nealian added soon).


File Format:

Editable PDF must open using any Adobe product on a computer or laptop. You can find free Adobe readers on the internet. Please note, at this time, they are not compatible with internet-based devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. CLICK HERE for the latest troubleshooting tips and tricks while using our Editable PDFs.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool


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