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Kindergarten Centers – Fourth Quarter Simply Centers Bundle – Literacy Centers

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Kindergarten Centers – Fourth Quarter Simply Centers Bundle – Literacy Centers


Included in this download is:

Each Simply Center comes with:

– a print and play game in color and black and white to print on color paper

– an objective and direction card that is editable so if you don’t like my directions you can change them, on the back of the card is a photo of the center so the students have a visual of what they are supposed to be working on

– several accountability pages so you can pick what works best for your students

Simply Centers are stored on our Dropbox and our Google Drive. Upon purchase you will get a link to the files. The files are sorted by academic concept and theme to make it easy for you to find what you need.

Please note – due to copyright with the clipart and fonts, the only pages that are editable is the objective and direction card (which contains no clipart or fonts).


Each quarter will be listed separately and each quarter will have a minimum of 3 themes with lots of centers within those themes. Those themes will be appropriate for the following approximate timeframes.

First Quarter (CLICK HERE) – August, September, beginning of October
Second Quarter (CLICK HERE)- end of October, November, December
Third Quarter (CLICK HERE) January, February, March
Fourth Quarter (CLICK HERE) April, May, June

However, this is an Endless Bundle. Endless meaning any other First Quarter Simply Center Literacy Center files Simply Kinder creates in the future will be included in this bundle.


This file currently includes 14 individual Simply Centers, but we are adding new sets weekly and there are lots more to come!

The CURRENTLY themes covered are (please see below for the progress of how many centers are included in each):

– Flowers (5 centers)
– Easter (7 centers)
– Summer Centers (5 centers)
– Earth Centers (6 centers)

(Coming themes MAY INCLUDE: Earth, Summer, Easter, Spring. Other themes may be included, please let us know what you would like to see).

The academic concepts/centers covered are/will be:

– alphabet (letters and sounds)
– phonemic awareness (working with sounds individually and with words, although PA is an auditory skill, remember all of our centers have accountability pages so there is writing involved)
– phonics (working with the whole word)
– sight words (we use a variety of words but will do our best to make these editable so you can customize the words you want)
– writing

Some themes, academic topics, or centers have more than others. As the bundle grows, we may not have certain themes done yet but they will be included as they are created.

Actual Centers Included:

Flowers ($3 each)
~ Flower Sight Words
~ Flower Blends
~ Flowering CVC Words
~ Flower Alphabet Mats
~ Flower Pot Digraphs

Easter ($3 each)

~ Jelly Bean Digraphs
~ Egg Alphabet Dough Mats
~ Egg-cellent CVC Words
~ Egg Basket Sight Word Center
~ Bunny Blends

Summer Centers ($3 each)
~ Sensational Sun CVC Words
~ Crabby Blends
~ Beach Ball Alphabet Playdough Mats
~ Ice cream Sight Words

Earth & Recycling Centers ($4 each)
~ Earth Alphabet Writing
~ Earth Letter Dough Mats
~ Recycling Blends
~ Recycling Digraphs
~ Recycling Sight Words
~ Treetop CVC Words



– Do I need to purchase each quarter separately? At this time yes. We are not offering the full year bundle, but if you purchase them at the intro pricing it will be more cost effective than buying the whole year.

– How many centers will be included in this set? It’s endless so all Q2 Simply Centers we create will be included. Q1 ended with 34 centers for the 2018 year and next year we plan to add more.

– When will you be adding centers? We are actively adding centers in 2018. We plan to grow this bundle big and have many centers done and are just waiting for edits and photos.


Font style – currently only in traditional fonts. The writing centers would be the only issue, most accountability pages are open-ended. (We will do our best to get d’nealian added soon).


File Format:

Editable PDF must open using any Adobe product on a computer or laptop. You can find free Adobe readers on the internet. Please note, at this time, they are not compatible with internet-based devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. CLICK HERE for the latest troubleshooting tips and tricks while using our Editable PDFs.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool

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