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Number Poems BUNDLE

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Have you see my new Alphabet Writing Poems? Same concept but for letters!


This a bundle of our Number Writing Poems Resources.

Fun poems for the numbers 0-9 to help the kids write the numbers correctly. Poems teach the kids the strokes to write the numbers and are memorable and fun. Images match the poems.

It currently includes 3 resources individually sold:

Number Poems (Posters, Printables, & Snap Block)

1. 4 Poster Sets (2 versions in color and black and white.)

2. Interactive worksheet that has students manipulating the poem.

3. Desk strips with the images for the poems on them.

4. One page flyer that can be sent home for parents or used as a reference for kids in a notebook.

5. Bonus Snap Cube Center for Numbers 0-9

Number Poems Additional Practice Pages

This set includes 4 versions of worksheets for all the poems 0-9. Each set include an image of the poem (some with the actual poem and some with just the picture support).

– Number of the Day – Students will complete activities for that number.

– Learning Our Numbers – Students will write the number and explore how many it is.

– Number Match-Ups – Students will write the number and cut and glue two sets of that number. There are two numbers per page so they are working on descrimination too.

– Number Formation Practice – This is a basic page with the image of the poem super big and handwriting practice. This is great when you are just starting to learn to write.

Number Poems Crafts

Each craft matches our fun, new set of number writing poems reinforcing the correct formation of the number using the poem.

Students will color and cut out the pieces and glue them together.

Resources includes crafts that are 2-3 pages each and sample photos for numerals 0-9.



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