Personal Sound Walls with Mouth Pictures


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Personal Sound Walls with Mouth Pictures
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Included in our Personal Sound Walls is:
A huge range of choices for personal sound walls with…
~ mouth articulation photos
~ keywords
~ sounds only
This set includes the full sound wall with most common spelling patterns and scaffolded versions for kindergarten. Scaffolded sound walls include a range from all sounds with only spelling patterns kinder will cover to sound charts with only sounds you typically teach in kindergarten (no r-controlled for example). This set also includes blank sound charts so students can fill them out or put tiles on them for practice.
Consonant charts include an organized grid by mouth formation and sound type (traditional) and a table organized by sound that may match your wall.
You only needs one consonant chart and one vowel chart, but we give you lots of options. Pick the one that matches what you are doing best and run with it.
Have questions about sound walls and our approach, check out this article here.
Jennifer Kadar – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade – Simply Kinder


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