Thanksgiving Counting to 20 for Google and Seesaw


Thanksgiving Counting to 20 for Google and Seesaw
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Four Digital Counting to 20 activities sets for your kindergarten students. No need to print, students can work in Google Slides, Google Classroom, and on Seesaw.
Included in this download is:
Four weeks worth of Digital Counting to 20 activities for your kindergarten and first grade students. No need to print, students just open the file in Google Slides™ through Google Classroom™ and move the pieces.
This set is for counting numbers 11-20.
This set includes 4 themes: turkeys at school, turkey dinner, parade time, and fall friends
Each theme is 6 slides and includes:
~ Count and match the number
~ See the number and put that many objects
~ Count with digital base ten blocks
~ Count with digital ten frame
~ Count with digital unifix cubes
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Please contact us at [email protected] with any suggestions or requests. We can adjust this file to meet your needs.
This files includes links to download the files to Google Classroom (they use Google Slides) and separate links with them loaded into Seesaw. You will need to click each them file to copy it over. You do not need to give us access to your Google Drive to access these files.
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