Quick Management Tips & a Freebie!

Back to school means trying trying to wrap my brain around the next few months and making sure I am organized and ready to go.  Part of that is making sure my space and some management structures are just the way I like them… so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

This is like command central for my day.  It’s where I track all the little processes and procedures I can’t live without!
First is my handy helper. I  have tried EVERYTHING for classroom jobs but to be honestly with you I don’t really need another thing to manage… this stick goes there… this kid never got to be this job… or move the cards this way.  Then too… who’s the this job or who’s the that job!  Ugh.. so annoying to me!  So I implemented a handy helper!  One person every day does everything!  Nothing fancy.. just hand die cuts from the local teacher store with white labels with their names on them!
Next is my partnering program!  It’s a fun way to label your partners that changes with little to no effort at all!  You label the student desks with numbers and then the poster tells you what to call the partners.  So for this week the 1’s and 2’s are hamburgers and the 3’s and 4’s are french fries!  If you want to change your partner names.. you just switch the cards!  So simple and the kids super love it… well with names like steak and lobster or ketchup and mustard can you blame them?
I love how I do my lines!  Line order all the time!  This is how I organize it… I just make word document with a table, boys and girls on separate sides, and  justify them to the edges.  I of course added a cute Melonheadz page with just random kidlettes.  I place the name list in a sheet protector and I rotate the clip to identify the leader of the line for the day.  The line order always stays the same except the line leader comes to the front… so it’s not like a moving line… kids are in the same spot specially every day unless they are the leader.
Next is a new management program I am super excited about… it’s part of our Educents Management bundle you can still pick up through 1/8 for $10.99! Students earn popcorn pieces for desired behaviors and lose them as well!  It comes with printables and everything!  I am super excited about this one!
Underneath my cubbies I have colored bins!  In each bin is something the kids or I may need quickly.  Purple is name tags.. I need to blog about those because mine literally last all year and I love them!  (I’ll put that on the to do list for back to school.)  The yellow bin is my yellow bracelet’s.  I use these when I need to quickly ID my class… everyone put on a bracelet!  So nice for field trips or the first weeks of school!  Also in that bucket is my hall passes.  Kids wear them up around the top of their arms so they don’t forget them!  They are a free Vista Print download (click here to see more!)  Blue bucket is handy wipes.. we get them in our breakfast each day (we eat in the classroom) and so we stash some for when we need them!  Last is the green bucket!  These are my clip chart cards from Teach-A-Roo!  They match the clip chart system and I have my students each day get the color that they landed on to take home.  (I actually did a little spin on it and they can trade them in for school money!)
You can also read more about my cubby makeover!   Aren’t they pretty?!?!

And now for your freebie!!!  This is a fun little way I keep track of points that makes it a student task and not a me task (I sound lazy huh.. but I really like to have my classroom run itself!)  Anyways.  So you put the point card at the kids tables.  I like to put just the color of the table in the point card but you could easily do team names or have everyone draw pictures of themselves.  I put in a sheet protector… well… because I tend to put everything in a sheet protector for durability.   So I say… “First table done gets points” or “Thanks so-and-so, give your table a point.”  Rules for the point card is you can ONLY touch if I say so.  And if you do touch it… it automatically goes to 0.   Works well starting this time in kindergarten (and anytime in first grade!)  Click here for your freebie!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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