Rain-Art Umbrellas

With this fun spring activity, your students can learn about spring weather and actually use the rain to change their designs. They’ll have a blast creating rain-art umbrellas and watching the colors blend together in the rain. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to get wet yourself you can use an eyedropper to “add rain” to your classroom!

Rain-Art Umbrellas

This super simple kindergarten activity takes just a few supplies that you probably already have.

Spring Rain Project Supplies

Coffee filter (1-2 per student)

Popsicle stick (1-2 per student)

washable markers


rain or eyedropper and water

Make Your Own Rain-Art Umbrellas!

Let each student create the design they want on the flattened coffee filter. Let them know that you’ll be folding the coffee filter to make an umbrella so their design will look different after it is folded. If you want to add anything like their name and keep it from running in the rain, you can do so with a permanent marker. Anything done in permanent marker won’t bleed in the rain.

Rain-Art Umbrellas

Once the designs are made, it’s time to start folding! Fold each coffee filter in half once down the middle. Fold it in half a second time.

Rain-Art Umbrellas

Once the coffee filter is folded into one quarter, use a small line of glue to glue the open straight edge together.

Rain-Art Umbrellas

At this point, the top of the umbrella is finished. Now for the handle! When you peek into the inside of the umbrella, you’ll see the two inner pieces. Glue the Popsicle stick in the very center in between these inner pieces.

Rain-Art Umbrellas

Fluff the outer edges of the umbrella to open it up more and give it more of a three-dimensional look. We decided to put the umbrellas in small Dixie cups with stones in it so that they could stand upright in the “rain”. You can choose to do this or let them lay flat.

Rain-Art Umbrellas

Let it rain! You can either set the umbrellas out in the rain (which would be TONS of fun!) or use eye droppers and water to create rain in the classroom. It would also be fun to have each student make two and put one outside in the rain and keep one inside to add water with an eyedropper then compare the two results.

Keep them in the rain long enough or add enough water so that the colors have a chance to bleed and blend together. The design will change based on how wet the umbrellas get but there’s no right or wrong here!


Rain-Art Umbrellas

When the umbrellas have dried, fold the coffee filter down to create more of an umbrella shape.

What is your favorite way to celebrate spring in the classroom? Comment below and let us know!


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