Read, Count and Color Christmas Printables

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Christmas is almost here! We just know your students are super excited about pretty much anything that is Christmas related. We love encouraging kids to read so we prepared a festive little learning Read, Count and Color Christmas printables set just for that.

Read Count and Color Christmas Printables

Read, Count and Color Christmas Printables

Ready to start reading and counting, while also having fun coloring? Let’s start!

You will find three worksheets, the word used very loosely, in this festive printable set. With each of them the kids will have to read the instructions, count and color.

First worksheet features a Christmas tree with a whole bunch of ornaments. Kids will have to color 4 ornament red, 3 ornaments blue and 4 ornaments orange.

Second worksheet features a set of gifts. Students will have to color 2 gifts green, 1 gift orange and 3 gifts blue.

Third worksheet features a set of Christmas lights. Kids will have to color 5 Christmas lights red, color 4 Christmas lights blue, 6 Christmas lights yellow and to color 3 Christmas lights green.

Your students will practice, reading, reading comprehension, counting and having fun at the same time.

Read and Count Christmas Free Printables from Simply Kinder.

You can use this set of learning printables both in classroom or at home. We think, as they approach reading and counting in a light way, they are great for both settings.

If your kids can’t yet read, slowly read the instructions to each exercise with them. Let them look at the words and letters as you read them.

Grab this set of read, count and color learning christmas printables here.

You can laminate this set of printables which will make them more durable and the students can use dry erase markers to solve them. You will find this is especially useful if you plan to use this resource in the classroom as it can be used for years to come).

Read and Count Christmas Free Printables from Simply Kinder.


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