Jingle All the Way to Hundreds Chart Game

Nov 27, 2016 | Christmas, December, Freebies, Math | 1 comment

Have you ever thought about turning a hundred chart into a base for a board game? It’s perfect for the job.

This game is simple and has a festive touch. Make a few simple game pieces, grab a pair of dice (or just one), and let your kids Jingle All the Way to 100 – a fun Hundreds Chart Game.

Jingle All the Way to 100 Hundred Chart Game

Prep the Game:

Print out a copy of a simple hundred chart. It works well on white paper, but you can print on red or green to make the game more festive.

Do you need a hundreds chart?  Click here to download one now.

Laminate the board for durability. If you’re playing this game in a classroom, your hundred chart will get worn out quickly.

You can make the game pieces out of simple jingle bells. Tie a little bit of red yarn or ribbon to the top of a jingle bell to make your first game piece. Add green yarn or ribbon to a second jingle bell to make a second game piece. If you would like to add an option for a third play, just make a third jingle bell with a different color of yarn.

You will also need one or two dice.

Jingle All the Way to 100 Hundred Chart Game

How to Play:

Both players start their jingle bells in the “1” square.

Player one throws the dice and moves their jingle bell the number of spaces indicated.

Player two then throws the dice and moves their jingle bell.

The first player to 100 is the winner.

Jingle All the Way to 100 Hundred Chart Game

Another fun variation of the game is to start the game pieces at 100 and count backward to 1.

This is a simple game with simple rules that Kindergartners will be able to play by themselves. It’s a great quiet time activity (even with the jingle bells – they don’t get very loud all by themselves) and perfect for small groups.

This hundred chart turned board game is a fun and festive way to Jingle All the Way to 100.

Jingle All the Way to 100 Hundred Chart Game

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  1. Emily

    Fun! Thank you! Perfect for these next few weeks in our homeschool.


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