Snowy Trees in Winter Art Activity

Winter is such a fun time to explore nature and snow with art don’t you think? Here’s a fun winter craft that uses few supplies and can be prepped ahead of time or done in stages by kids. And we all know that kids love to have something different every now and then to do a project with.  My favorite part of this activity is the end result. Each snowy tree scene will be unique so you’ll have a whole winter forest hanging on your classroom wall!

This snowy trees in winter activity would make a great addition to a winter nature unit. Paint an outdoor winter storm and then let the kids get into their snow dens (under their desks) to explain how animals stay warm during cold winter weather. Encourage kids to picture their own winter scene with their imagination before they start the project.

This activity goes well with:

Supplies Needed for each Winter Scene:

1 Piece of construction paper (blue or gray)

2 Wooden craft sticks

Green Marker


Green and White Paint

Paintbrush or Small Sponge


I think it’s easiest to prep this craft ahead of time. Kids can certainly do this part themselves but by gluing the trees to the paper before-hand kids can start painting their winter scene right away.

Glue two craft sticks to each piece of paper for the trunks of the trees. Use the green marker to make three diagonal lines coming from each side of the tree for the branches. Let the glue dry.

winter art activity


  1. Paint the tree trunks green and trace each branch with paint. Add more trees and bushes with green paint to your winter scene.
  2. When the green paint is dry use a sponge to add snow to the trees with white paint. Add snowflakes, snow on the ground and on any other greenery in your winter forest.

Once all the paint is dry, hang them up for display!

winter art activity
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