Science of Reading Podcasts for Teachers

Looking for Science of Reading podcasts for teachers? This is a list of the podcasts we like to listen to that support all things Science of Reading (SoR) for early childhood teachers. Listen to these podcasts for the most up-to-date research and teaching strategies for your preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students.

Science of reading podcasts

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Science of Reading podcasts for teachers

Science of Reading: The Podcast by Amply is one of the most comprehensive SoR podcasts out there. It covers so many topics, grade levels, and concepts that there is almost always something you can listen to.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: S1-01. The Knowledge Gap: Natalie Wexler

This is their very first episode and so powerful. We recommended The Knowledge Gap as one of the SoR Books we Love here but Natalie Wexler herself talks about the knowledge-based curriculum can bring equity into the classroom, and students’ futures. Wow!! Just Wow!

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Deconstructing the Rope: An Introduction with Dr. Jane Oakhill

The Reading Rope is something you will hear about in all of the Science of Reading groups and in many of the books. In this podcast series, they will break the rope down for you so you can better understand what it is and how this knowledge can help you work with your students.

Edview 360 Podcast by Voyager Sopris Learning. This is the company that does LETR’s training which we highly recommend. This podcast covers everything from phonics to handwriting to phonemic awareness all with the Science of Reading in mind. If LETRs is the gold standard for SoR professional develompent, then this is the gold standard for podcasts for sure!

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: How to Use Sound Walls to Transform Reading Instruction

If you are intrigued by sound walls but not sure what or why or how to start, this is a great episode to listen to.

Melissa & Lori Love Literacy by Great Minds is weekly podcast filled with all things Science of Reading. This podcast covers everything from interviews with influential people to case studies to practical classroom applications.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: I’m a Kindergarten Teacher, and the Way I’ve Been Teaching Reading is Wrong

The title of this podcast episode basically says it all. This teacher shares her journey including what she is doing in her classroom to make teaching to read more effective for her students.

Teaching, Reading, and Learning: The Reading League Podcast by Laura Stewart is another must listen. The Reading League is an organization whose goal is to bring awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction to the world. They offer professional development opportunities, a journal filled with current research reviewed by educators, a podcast, and so much more.

In this podcast, you will find interviews with experts such as Louisa Moats, David Kilpatrick, and so many more.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Interview w/ Linnea Ehri

Dr. Linnea Ehri is one of the most influential researchers in the field of the Science of Reading. In this podcast episode, she talks about the shift from whole langue to more evidence-based practices. You will hear her name in SoR work so it’s really neat to be able to hear her speak.

More Science of Reading podcasts for teachers

Literacy Talks by Reading Horizons is a great podcast featuring conversations between an assistant professor with a love for literacy, a dyslexia specialist who is passionate about her work, and a structured literacy teacher who brings in the practical application aspect. It’s filled with theory and tips and we are sure you will love it.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Rethinking How We Teach Sight and High-Frequency Words

In this podcast, you will learn about how we can use phonic’s based strategies to read sight words. This is SO relevant for kindergarten and first grade!

Heinemann Podcast is dedicated to bringing science-based topics and so much more. There are so many topics on this podcast and you will find so many hidden treasures if you dig back in through these podcasts!

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Jennifer Serravallo in Conversation with Wiley Blevins

You can listen to Jennifer and Wiley talk about phonics, decoding words, content-rich text, running records and so much more! It’s really cool to hear this conversation.

The Reading Teachers Lounge by Mary Saghafi and Shannon Belts is a great podcast featuring conversations between two reading specialists with a love of structured literacy!

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Let’s Talk About Phonemic Awareness

In this episode, they talk about everything from rhyming to encoding and the importance of phonemic awareness in those activities.

Podclassed is another great option by Reading Horizons. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics but Science of Reading is talked about in many of them.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: An Educator’s Journey Through the World of Literacy Instruction

If you have ever wondered why you didn’t learn this in college then this is a podcast episode for you. Stacy Hurst, M.Ed. addresses this question and a few others through her research.

The Six Shifts by Stenhouse Publishers is a podcast for the Shifting the Balance book we recommended as well. In this limited podcast series, Jan Burkins and Kari Yates will take you chapter by chapter and give you additional insights. This podcast series is great with or without the book.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Reconsidering Texts for Beginning Readers

This series is so quick and to the point, that you want to start with episode one.

Together in Literacy is a podcast by Emily Gibbons of the Literacy Nest and Casey Harrison from The Dyslexia Classroom. If you follow Simply Kinder you will know that I love Emily and all of her work. She has been instrumental in our journey in the Science of Reading.

Don’t let the focus on dyslexia make you think these are not a good listen – children with dyslexia are struggling readers and represent 1 in 5 students so you have them in your classes. And most importantly, these are just good teaching practices for ALL learners.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE: The Link Between Speech-Language and Literacy with Sydney Bassard

This is a great episode that talks about how literacy goes from speech to print and some of the red flags you need to watch out for with your students.

What podcasts do you listen to? Let us know so we can listen too by sharing in the Simply Kinder Teachers Facebook group.

Science of Reading Podcasts

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