Sight Word Sticker Center

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Sight Word Sticker Center

Sight Word Sticker Center

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new center ideas, preferably ones that are quick and easy to set up! This sight word sticker center is one that I often use. It’s a great center activity when you need an independent group activity, and it’s easy to modify for different abilities. You can also extend it if you have children that are working on spelling words instead.

What you need to set up your sight word sticker center

sight word center

  • Bag of sticker alphabet letters. You can buy big bulk bags of these and they’re a great resource to have on hand
  • Craft sticks – I used colored ones but plain will work too
  • Printed sight word cards or a list of sight words that your kinders are working on

How to set up your sight word sticker center

This sight word center is great because of how simple it is to set up. I put a container of the stickers out on the table, along with the craft sticks and their list of sight words. There are a few ways to differentiate this activity though.

sight words centers

To make the activity easier

  • limit the number of alphabet stickers that are on the table. For your struggling students you can even place only the letters needed for each sight word (simply mix up the order) to make it more achievable for them.
  • Sort the letters before starting the activity. I must admit that this isn’t something I do often as it’s very time consuming, but it can be helpful if you find that your students are having trouble locating the letters from the pile.

To make the activity harder

  • extend the word list – moving onto spelling words if required
  • have the students try to make their sight words without looking at the cards
  • encourage students to come up with some new words

This really is a fun and easy literacy center idea. Once the students have made their sight word sticks, they are a few ways you can use them again.

  • Call out different sight words and have the children hold up the correct word
  • Use them as stamps – simply dip them in paint and print them onto paper. I sometimes do this as the next day’s center activity.
  • Send them home so that they can practice them with mom or dad.

I hope your kinder’s enjoy this sight word sticker center activity as much as my children did!

sight words center





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