Snowmen Painting

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After winter break, we get to focus on snow and snowmen which is always fun and interesting in Arizona.  My students always love to do our Snowmen Painting.

Snowmen Painting

Snowmen Painting

These paintings are always fun for the kids to make. For this activity we read the book, Snowmen at Night. It’s a fantastic and fun book showing all of the exciting things snowmen do at night.

Supplies needed

You’ll need

black card stock or construction paper

white paint

orange paint

black paint

paint brushes

Our snowmen painting is done on black card stock or construction paper to look like it is nighttime. We start by painting the snow at the bottom for the snowman to sit on. Then they can make the circles for  the snowman’s body.

Snowmen Painting

They can fill in the body with paint. Next, they can use the paint brush to make snow falling. At this point, we set them all aside and let the paint dry.

Snowmen Painting

When the snowmen are dry, the students can add in the snowmen’s face and any accessories they’d like to add. They always turn out so pretty with the contrast of the black and white all hanging up together.

Snowmen At Night Painting

After our painting, we tie in our writing to our snowmen and the book we read. They write about what they think the snowmen do at night. You could also tie in your math to the painting by having the students count how man circle snowflakes they have, how many circles make up their snowmen, how many circles are on his face etc and have them make an addition problem using the number. So many fun possibilities! If you make them with your class we’d love for you to share them in the Simply Kinder Facebook group!




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