Spring Flowers Writing Activity

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Spring flowers printable writing activity for kids.

Spring Flowers Writing Activity with Printable Worksheet

Celebrate the spring season by decorating your classroom with pretty flowers! As a parent I love walking down the halls of my children’s school and seeing the bulletin boards covered with projects the kids have created themselves. Over the winter months I saw snow globes, elves, and penguins. As spring approaches, I know I’ll be seeing flowers sprouting around the school in the way of kids’ art.

Having a child that struggles with sight word recognition I know how important repetition can be for children just learning to read and write. This spring flowers writing activity has high frequency words for kids to practice reading, and a small spot to write their favorite color.

spring flowers writing activity


Print out the worksheet using the print button below the post. Each worksheet contains four flowers. Cut each flower out in a square. Kids can practice reading the short sentences and writing the color they’d like their flower to be for the project.

Next, have the kids color in the edges of the flowers to match the color they have written beneath the short sentences.

spring writing activity

Once they’ve written their favorite color for their flower and colored it, cut the flower out. Attach the flowers to a bulletin board. I made the grass by cutting strips in construction paper and curling the strips around a crayon. I curled some more than others to make the paper grass blades look like they’re different heights.

spring writing activity

Cut enough lengths of grass out of green construction paper to hold all your flowers. I used a standard sized piece of construction paper (not the large size) in the landscape position and could have fit about three flowers on the grass.

Add the grass to the bulletin board first and place the flowers above the grass. You can also add stems to the flowers with green construction paper. Now your classroom flower garden is complete!

spring writing activity



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