Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles

I LOVE spring. It is such a happy time of the year. Flowers are in bloom, the grass is green, and outdoor recess does wonders for the soul. These Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles will be the perfect addition to your literacy centers this year. Your students will be having so much fun, that they will have no idea they are even learning. That is the best, right?!

Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles contain 5 pages of printables. Each page has two puzzles, one for the long vowel and one for the short vowel. Each puzzle has an umbrella puzzle piece that states which long or short vowel it is for and also three raindrop pieces that have a picture that corresponds to the vowel.

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Getting Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles Ready

After printing on cardstock, I recommend laminating so that you can reuse this center for years to come. This will make next year’s prep so easy!

I find it easiest to use a paper cutter to cut each puzzle out. I then go back and cut each individual puzzle piece out with scissors.

Doing Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles

First students will lay out all of the puzzle pieces on the floor or desk. A student will choose either a blend card or a picture card. This student chose a blend card.

Next, they will search through the puzzles pieces looking for the ones that have a “short o” sound. As they find the pieces, they can place them together, like below.

Once all four puzzles pieces are together, students can set them aside and continue until all ten puzzles have been completed.

If your students would be overwhelmed with each puzzle having four pieces, you can cut it down to two pieces per puzzles. Students will simply pick an umbrella card and then find the end raindrop piece.

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I hope that you enjoy Spring Short and Long Vowel Puzzles.

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