Summer Boredom Buster Bag: Helping with Clutter and Summer Slide

As this school year is winding down, I have been looking around my classroom. It’s always this time of the year that I am trying to clean up, clean out, and find homes for items. This year I seem to have a LOT of school supplies leftover from my kids. I’m honestly not sure why because I’ve given out several packs of crayons this year, sharpened loads of pencils, and everyone has had at least 4 erasers in their pencil boxes.

I will be changing grade levels and definitely need to cleanout. I’d love to be able to send back home some of the leftover school supplies. But I want it to also be fun for the kids.. not just ‘here’s your leftover things’… so I’ve decided to bag them up with a few other treats that I have and create a ‘Summer Boredom Buster Bag’.

Summer Boredom Buster Bag - A fun way to use up leftover school supplies.

What’s in the boredom bags?

-Pencils (already sharpened)




-Dry Erase Marker

-Activity packet

-Notebook paper

Summer Boredom Buster Bag - A fun way to use up leftover school supplies.

Because this is all leftover items for the year, the cost of this is almost none. The only thing I actually purchased was a pack of gallon-sized ziploc bags because I had already used up all of mine from the year. I’m hoping by sending home all of these goodies, my students will keep reading, writing, and learning this summer.

At our school, there is a very large pattern of summer slide that we would love to see stop. After my students get their boredom buster bag, I’m also going to take them by our school book cabinet so they can pick out 1-2 free books. Our book cabinet is full of books for students of all ages in our school. It’s filled via donations from the community and teachers. My first school had a book cabinet that was a wonderful resource for students and for new teachers. Many of us new teachers would build our classroom libraries with books from the book cabinet.

Summer Boredom Buster Bag - A fun way to use up leftover school supplies.

Finally, the activity packet that I’m sending home is from Jennifer. She created this amazing summer review packet that is perfect! It has reading, math, reading logs, sight words, and more! I think my favorite part is the reading challenges that she has. Have you checked it out yet? What’s your favorite piece?

Summer Review Packet for Kindergarten from Simply Kinder. Send this home with your students to keep practicing what they learned all year. Activities include printables as well as fun reading logs, websites, and more!

Comment and share what you put into your summer boredom bag! Want to easily head back to this post later? Just pin this below!

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