Sunny Day Addition Game

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After a very long winter, the sun is finally beginning to shine. With just a few weeks of school left this year, we are ready for some fun, summer activities. This Sunny Day Addition Game is a great way to practice addition facts and bring a little sunshine into the classroom.

Sunny Day Addition Game

How To Play The Sunny Day Addition Game:


  • Paper Plates
  • Clothespins
  • Yellow Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Marker

Sunny Day Addition Game supplies

One of my favorite things about this hands-on math activity is that it easy and inexpensive to create. You can usually find all of the supplies that you need at your local dollar store.

To prepare this activity, paint the paper plates with the yellow paint and let them dry. To save time, you can also buy yellow paper plates at a dollar store or party store. Next, paint the clothespins with the yellow paint and let them dry. You may need to use more than one coat of paint to completely cover the clothespins. After the paint dries, write an addition problem on the center paper plate of each plate.

How To Play:

To begin playing the Sunny Day Addition Game, one of your students will select a paper plate and read the addition problem. Next, he or she will count the number of clothespins for the first number in the problem and clip them onto the paper plate. Your student will then count the number of clothespins for the second number in the problem and clip them onto the paper plate. Finally, he or she will add the number of clothespin to find the answer to the problem.

Sunny Day Addition Game

This Sunny Day Addition Game is perfect for Kindergarteners but can also be used as an intervention activity for older students. This addition game is great for math centers, small group instruction, or as an enrichment activity for early finishers.

Sunny Day Addition Game

You can also make a number version of this game for students who need more practice with number identification and counting or create some plates with subtraction problems for children who are working above grade level.

Sunny Day Addition Game

Your students are sure to love practicing their addition facts with this Sunny Day Addition Game. It’s the fun and interactive activity for the last few weeks before summer vacation.

We had some fun making variations to this game too… see our Facebook video below!  (And PS – it’s Dry Erase Tape we used, click here to see which one)



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