Teacher Appreciation Letter

Dear Mrs. Fox,

Hi, it’s me Jennifer from your kindergarten class of 1984!  I know you remember me, I was the naughty one.  Well, guess what, I have taught kinder for 14 years and love every moment of it!  I wanted to write to you to say I appreciate you, but we should start with some much needed apologies.

1.  I am sorry that I ran from your classroom.

2.  I am sorry I bit that little boy’s finger in line.

3.  I am sorry I climbed the fence and you had to get a janitor to come to get me down multiple times.

4.  I am sorry I would not listen when you were talking.

5.  I am sorry I kicked and screamed during nap time.

6.  I am sorry I got so upset when I lost the chance to eat fruit salad in class one day.  (LOL.)

7.  I am sorry I would lay on the ground and kick and scream when I did not get my way.

8.  I am sorry to the office staff at your school.

It’s a wonder why and how I became a kindergarten teacher right?  You see, you were the first of many teachers to inspire me and teach me to love learning!  When I was in your class I had never been in school before and although I was naughty, I remember you always being calm, loving, and caring.  According to my mom, I was a very well-behaved child, but I had never been to school and I was very scared.  I feel like you knew this about me and still welcomed me every day with a smile and happy heart!

As I prepared to be a teacher 15 years ago, I really reflected on what the teachers I had taught me.

  • You taught me to be a loving teacher to all students, but especially the ones who act out.
  • You taught me to be a compassionate teacher and look for the root causes of problems.
  • You taught me to start each day over and not hold grudges against students.
  • You taught me that students act out sometimes because they are scared or they don’t understand.
  • You taught me to understand that parents send us the best kids they have and not to place blame on them.
  • You taught me to not give up on students and to see the bright light that shines in each of them.

I have carried these concepts from you throughout my teaching career and for that I thank you!

teacher facebook

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