Disney Classroom Decor

Disney Classroom Decor Makeover

I am so excited to be sharing with you a Disney Classroom Makeover with my friends at Eureka School and Teach-A-Roo!  Everything from bulletin boards, to jobs, to desk plates were redone!  Take a peek below!

This is the new calendar area featuring the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Calendar Set!  This is the wall you see when you first walk into the room and so it’s a great space that stands out!  The picture does not give justice to the size of the calendar – it came in a full size bulletin board bag and the calendar was folded in half!  It’s big and I love it!  It has perfect slits in the numbers to slide the numbers in and out, has TONS of holidays to include in your calendar, comes with the months, and a yesterday, today, tomorrow chart!  We added the Birthday Chart from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Chart Set (which has tons of other charts!)  Below the board I added the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Number Set.  I like having this low so the kids can practice counting using the Disney themes.  I added a little more flair to the board by adding the Mickey Friendship Classroom Banner (just felt right for our calendar area) and part of the Mickey Graduation Pennant Banner!  Lastly, I trimmed it with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters Deco Trim on the bottom only!


In front of our calendar area is our tables!  We have round tables and so they were perfect to use the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Large Nameplates!  These are PERFECT for kinder with the letters, shapes, colors, and a number line!  All with a fun Disney theme!


I have shared before how I do my student name badges, so I was really excited to trick them out for our makeover.  I used the Mickey Name Tags, stuck them on red and yellow paper (with the student’s lunch number on back), slid them into the plastic name holders, and taped them closed.  These tags last the entire year and are great for subs, lunch, field trips, and for when you have guests in your classroom!  {And yes, there is an Aurora in class… just like the princess!}

One of my favorite parts of the classroom is the new word wall!  I used the little red hats from the  Mickey Welcome Mini Bulletin Board Set to make a space for each letter.  I attach them to paper and laminate them.  This makes it easy to tape on letters or use sticky notes to add words without ruining the paper.  This also allows me to make bigger spaces for some letters (like the letter M) and some smaller spaces (like for the letter Q) to ensure there balance on the board visually.  I trimmed the board with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Light Bulbs Deco Trim again only on the top and bottom!  (Sometimes too much border takes away from the content and is overwhelming!)


The word wall is topped with the Micky Mouse Clubhouse Alphabet Set!  It uses all of the Clubhouse characters with objects or actions for each letter!  Ideally I would have liked to add it to the bottom where kids can touch it, but realistically, we all know that is virtually impossible in a the classroom!


Here’s a picture of the entire space so you can see how the writing center and listening center are right below – just makes sense to have a word wall where kids are practicing reading.  Next to the word wall is two Mickey Goal Setting Vertical Banners so we can track how many sight words we have learned and how many books we have read!


Another FAVORITE part is the rules!!  I used the rules chart from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Chart Set.  And then, when I saw the Toodles in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Working Together Is Better Bulletin Board Set, I knew I had to use this for students to reflect on choices in the classroom!  So I picked up the Good Choices Clipart from Whimsy Workshop and created a space for students to reflect and redirect!  If a student is going up the slide at recess, they can go check out Toodles to be reminded of the right strategy to play on the playground at school!  Or if a student is not sharing during centers, they can go check out Toodles to be reminded of the better choice for our classroom!  It is going to be so fun to hear kids saying “Oh Toodles” in class when they are needing to reflect!


 I used the rest of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Working Together Is Better Bulletin Board Set and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2-Sided Deco Kit to create a space to display student work! I used the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Gears Paper Cut Outs to give each student a space to display their work on a regular basis!  And the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I Think I Can Extra Wide Cut Deco Trim matched perfect so we went with that!


I only have one job in my classroom, that has always been the Handy Helper!  How perfect is it now to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hand Paper Cut Out?  The way that it works is this one person gets to do everything for the day!  Seriously makes classroom jobs so simple!  The hands were also a part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Working Together Is Better Bulletin Board Set that I already used and the lettering is Mickey Red Deco Letters!


Love this new Star Student board using the Mickey School Selfie celebration set!  When it’s the Star Student’s week, they will get to grab the frame and I will snap some quick pictures.  The plan is to fill up the board with student photos from being Star Student. Might also have the student draw a picture of their head to put in the frame for the week on the board.  This way I don’t have to use up that much of my own ink!  I love this bulletin board set as well because if you laminate the frame you can write with a wipeable marker on the frame to say First Day or Last Day, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Check out this picture of my son with the frame!  Seriously adorable and I know the kids are going to LOVE doing this!  So many uses for this set inside and outside the classroom!  A must have if you are a fan of Disney!


This resource goes well with:

And the door!  Lots of fun happening here!  Mickey Welcome Mini Bulletin Board Set welcome sign and cut outs on the door, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Welcome Go-Around around the door, and Mickey Come Join the Fun Banner in the window!  My favorite though is the Mickey Quiet as a Mouse poster in the window as a reminder for students to be quiet in the hallway!


Outside the class we always do different displays and so the What’s the Big Idea Banner fits perfectly for us to change the projects out each month!  This month is our community helpers family project!


Last bulletin board is getting ready for the end of the year!  The Mickey Graduation Classroom Banner and Mickey Graduation Paper Cut Outs will be so exciting for the kids.  I also used the rest of the Mickey Graduation Pennant Banner in both corners to occupy the space in the top corners!  They also have these cute Mickey Graduation Recognition Awards too that I know the kids will love!  Slide3

There you have it!  Our Disney Classroom Makeover!  Be sure to head over to Teach-A-Roo and check out the amazing bulletin boards she has done with a Disney theme!


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