Teacher-Approved Silent E and Double E Videos

We’ve compiled a list of teacher-approved silent E and double E videos to help students learn the difficult phonics lesson in a fun and engaging way! Check out the complete list here!

Well here is list of videos that will definitely help reinforce teaching the silent e and double e, which for me is one of the hardest phonics rules to teach in Kindergarten.

This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Silent E – The Bazillions (2:44)

Silent “e” makes his way through his every day life changing some cvc words into new words. This video provides great visual support for those students still trying to master the reading skill of silent e.

Bossy E – Mistergsongs (2:28)

E is the boss of the a, e, I, o, and u. This video is a great review of the vowels while also showing how a cvc word can change it’s meaning by adding a “bossy” e at the end.

Silent E Song – Preschool Prep Company (2:28)

This video jumps right into how silent e at the end of a word makes a vowel say its name. This video is perfect for building fluency reading silent e words. At the very end of the video, it discusses how the silent e can also make “c” and “g” say their second sound also, like in face and cage. If you think it is too much for your students you can end the video early or I personally think it would be a great challenge for those that may need it.

The Vowel Song Long and Short Vowel Sounds – Scratch Garden (2:29)

This video reinforces the short and long sound of each vowel. This would be a perfect video to show before teaching the rule of Silent e or for students who still are determining that a vowel has a short and long sound.

James Inglehart – “Silent e” Music Video – The Electric Company (2:29)

This video starts out fast with seeing how the silent e can change the vowels sound in a word to say its name.  It does slow down and provides great practice for all of your students.

Let’s Chant the Long E Sounds – YBMKinder (2:00)

This video focuses on the Long E sounds, silent e and double e, but also shows that all vowels have a long sound when there is a silent e. This video would be ideal for reinforcing double e also says the long e sound.

Bee Bee Oh My Bee – PinkFong Kids’ Songs and Stories (1:27)

This is one of those songs you will find yourself singing when no students are around. This song is so catchy and ideal for introducing the double e says the long e sound also.

EE  Sound- Kids vs. Phonics (1:27)

This short video tells a quick story most students can relate to, being afraid of bees, using many double e words.

Do you know of another video that needs to be on this list?

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