Teacher-Approved Videos Letter O

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Finding appropriate videos on YouTube can be difficult sometimes. So we’re previewed and made a list of Teacher-Approved Videos Letter O to help teach all about the letter O.

This resource works great with these Simply Kinder resources:


Phonics Letter- O by Kids TV (1:37)

This song is short and simple. It identifies many words that begin with the letter o. Most of the words begin with the short sound of letter o but some are excellent examples of common words that begin with letter o, that make another sound of o.

Learn The Letter O with Jack Hartmann (5:02)

Sing and dance along with Jack Hartmann as he teaches that the letter o is a vowel and has a short and a long sound.

Sing and Learn The Alphabet Letter O by Jack Hartmann (3:53)

The Letter O Song by ABCMouse.com (2:54)

Your students will love singing through dozens of words that begin with the outstanding letter o.

The Letter O Song by Bounce Patrol Kids (1:54)

This engaging song has it all capital O, lowercase o, the letter sound and examples with time to practice!

Only O by Story Bots (1:21)

Your students are guaranteed to get this one stuck in their head. In this song your student will identify the letter o in many of the high frequency and high interest words appropriate for this age.

The Letter O by Nursery Tracks (4:08)

This song uses a game and catchy tune to identify common words that begin with letter o. It includes words that begin with both long and short sounds of letter o and some that are just common vocabulary like “octopus”.

The O Song by Miss Molly (3:37)

This song uses visuals to show common words that begin with the letter o. The slow pace allows them to read the words while they sing along.

The Letter O | Alphabet A-Z | Jack Hartmann (5:04)

Learn to recognize the upper and lowercase letter O, how to write the letter O, and the short and long vowel sounds that letter O makes.

Do you have any other favorite Teacher-Approved Videos Letter O you like to use in your classroom?


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