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Check out these videos and activities to help teach the Letter T in your Kindergarten classroom. Students will love these fun and engaging videos! Keep scrolling to find all the Letter T videos and activities!

Finding appropriate videos on YouTube can be difficult sometimes. So we’ve previewed and made a list of Teacher-Approved Videos Letter T to help teach all about the letter T.

This resource works great with these Simply Kinder resources:

The Letter T Song by Miss Molly (3:07)

This song is perfect for introducing the letter T. It is slow-paced, offers repetition and great visuals for familiar words that begin with the letter T.

Learn the Letter T by Jack Hartmann (3:58)

Letter T Sing and Learn the Letters of the Alphabet by Jack Hartman (3:58)

Join Jack Hartmann as he practices writing, identifying the letter and sound of t, and reading words that begin and end with letter t.

Letter T Song by Have Fun Teaching (3:34)

Get your students up and dancing to this catchy beat while practicing reading and saying words that begin with the letter T.

The Letter T Song by ABCmouse.com (2:25)

This series tells a quick and funny song your students will love all while identifying the letter T and many common words beginning with the letter T.

Phonics Letter T Song by Kids TV (1:38)

This song reviews different words that start with the letter T.

T Train by Pinkfong (1:27)

This quick upbeat songs does a great job of introducing the letter t, the sound it makes, and common words that being with the letter t all related to a familiar topic: trains!

The Letter T | Alphabet A-Z | Jack Hartmann (3:55)

Learn to recognize the upper and lowercase letter T, how to write the letter T t and the sound that letter T makes

Do you have any other favorite Teacher-Approved Videos Letter T you like to use?


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