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Teacher discounts are just one of the many perks of being a teacher!  As a frugal teacher, I have learned to ask over the years, “Do you offer a teacher discount?”  (I actually think my husband asks more than I do!)  So I though it was time to put all those teacher discounts in one place so you too can cash in on the savings!

Teacher Discounts

The programs listed below are simple, available to teachers only, and don’t seem to expire.  It is a dedicated list of educator programs and not just coupon codes or programs for everyone.  Oh – and they are not discounts for your school but discounts for you personally (most just require a school ID)!

Office Supply Discounts

The Organization Store – Email program with special discounts throughout the year just for teachers.

Staples – Earn up to 10% in Rewards on purchases of school supplies.

FedEx – 15% off most products and services.

Craft Store Discounts

JoAnne Fabrics and Crafts – Save 15% off your every purchase.

Michaels – 15% off your entire purchase every day.

Ben Franklin Crafts – Save 15% for local teachers!

A.C. Moore Crafts – Receive 15% off with your school ID.

Book Store Discounts

Barnes and Noble – 20% off list price of most books for teachers and homeschooling families.  (Check out FAQ for Educators, which is about 6 FAQ’s down.)

Book Warehouse – 15% off for educators every day!

Clothing Store Discounts

Anne Taylor Loft – 15% off your full price everyday purchases!

The Limited – 15% off with your school ID.

J.Crew – 15% off in-store purchases with teacher ID.

Banana Republic – Enjoy 15% with your teacher ID.

Christopher & Banks – Enjoy 10% off on all in-store purchases.

Aerosoles – 10% off regular price shoes!

Eddie Bauer – Rumor has it they give teachers a discount with a school ID.  I was unable to confirm it online though!

New Your & Company – Same as above.  =)

Technology Discounts

Apple – Offers special programs and discounts for teachers on specific products.  If you are in the market for technology, it is worth your time to check out the discounts there.

Bose – Save up to 15%. You must call and speak to someone to take advantage of this discount!

Adobe – Save on your Adobe products through the link provided.

HP – Save up to 20% through HP Academy!

Activity Discounts

Science Centers – So I have done this for years and when you get your membership it comes with a card that gets you into Science Centers all over the US.  So check with your science center before you go!

Sea World – Teachers in Florida, Texas, and California get a complimentary Study Pass!

Other Discounts

New York Times – Receive a  special discount for teachers.  Follow the link for details.

Cell Phone Companies – Yup, if you tell them you are a teacher, you may get a discount on certain services and products.  (I have got a discount on our cell service for YEARS!)

Dollar Tree – Rumor has it if you say you are a teacher and show your ID that many Dollar Tree’s will give you 10% off.

If you know of another company who offers a teacher discount, please comment it below and it will be added!

Please note, the information provided in this post is just FYI and was collected from these companies webpages the day this was posted.  Please check the official websites for exact terms and conditions on each of these teacher discounts!



  1. Tessa

    Madewell, a women’s clothing store will give you 15% off by showing your school ID.

  2. Jeanette Hughes

    Each time I’ve checked out Skechers I ask them if they give teacher discounts. They say ” why not” and give me 10% 🙂

  3. Kay Sauvage

    Books A Million will give a 20% discount. You have to ask for the teacher discount card.

  4. Katherine Nester

    Rose and Remington the first Tuesday of every month 20% clothing

  5. Tracey La Rue

    I think, if I remember correctly, that Dress Barn offers a teacher discount.

  6. Sidney

    Eyemart Express gives a 20% discount.

  7. Shannon Greinert

    Lakeshore Learning gives teacher discounts.

  8. Angie


  9. Jacqui

    Gaylord Hotels (Nashville, DC, etc. gives substantial discounts ..inquire online. Blackout dates exist. Boksamillion gives 20% with ID and school email.

  10. Stacey P

    Books a million has a teacher discount card for 10%

  11. Charissa

    Vineyard vines gives 15% off

  12. Karen Arnold

    Crocs gives a teacher discount in their stores.

  13. Mary Almazan

    Note that Sea World in Texas only offers the teacher pass to teachers who have been certified. Their website specifically states that private and homeschool teachers are only eligible if they have a certification number. Not sure if the Florida or California ones require certification or not.

  14. Larissa

    Half Price books

  15. Julia

    The Alaska SeaLife Center admits Alaska teachers free with school ID.

  16. Rachel wb

    Teachers get in free to Graceland!

  17. Christine M

    Hastings book store gives a discount!

  18. Nicole Beinke

    I’ve received a 10% discount at Eddie Bauer in-store.

  19. Mary

    Admission is Free at the Clearwater Aquarium in Clearwater, FL with your teacher ID

  20. Karen

    Half Price Books offers discount if you’re a teacher, professor, librarian, teaching assistant or homeschooler, you can receive an extra 10% off your entire purchase with the Half Price Books Educator’s Discount Card. You can apply for this free card at any Half Price Books location.

  21. KA

    The Microsoft store offers a 10% discount

  22. Jennie

    Kate Spade gives 15% with teacher I.D.

  23. Jenny Duckworth

    Legoland and Kennedy Space Center both off free annual passes for teachers.

  24. Caitlyn

    Eddie Bauer does! They did for me while I was still student teaching.

  25. Lo

    Crocs gives teachers with ID 10% discount!

  26. Davina

    Goodwill gives a teacher discount with school ID

    • leslie

      microsoft has a teacher discount

  27. Karen

    New York and Company give a 15% to teachers with your school ID badge.

  28. Christi

    Books a million gives teacher discounts!

  29. DanaV

    Party City

  30. Marie

    Forever 21 offers a discount to teachers on Fridays w/ teacher id

  31. Mila

    Books-A-Million 🙂

  32. Pamela Landes

    Christopher & Banks offers 10% discount on total purchase (sale and clearance items included).
    McAlister’s Deli offers a free drink with your meal purchase.

  33. Nancy Bohr

    My husband and I are both teachers….now retired….but have used many teacger discounts over the years. Verizon phones and NASA centers. (He taught Earth snd Space Science). Staples continues to have a discount program

  34. Cindi

    If you are a Florida resident and have a FL teacher certification, you can get an annual pass to Legoland for free. It also gets you into things at the Orlando Eye for free (SeaLife Aquarium, Wax Museum, and Eye). The Orlando Science Center does allow teachers in free, as does the Kennedy Space Center.

  35. Teri Nordhoff

    Sea World San Diego gives California and Arizona teachers an annual pass and 3 complimentary one day passes. Just used ours last week.

  36. Sheila C J Rezende Lemos

    I’m a teacher from Brazil! So sad!!! 🙁

  37. Suzanne Simpson

    I have AT&T and they give me 17% off my monthly bill because I am a teacher. I think that is amazing!

  38. Lara

    Half Price Books does 10% off with teacher ID

  39. DJ

    Graceland gives one complimentary ticket with school ID.

  40. mstee1220

    Can anyone confirm Dollar Tree? THAT will be a game changer~

  41. librelearning

    Books a Million offers a 20% educator discount card/

  42. Erin

    North Face also does a 10%teacher discount with ID. (This may be in store only.)

  43. Ann

    Rosa’s Cafe has 10% off your order with ID
    Verizon has a teacher discount of either 10 or 20%
    Wendy’s has a discount (not sure how much, the just took money off when they saw the ID)

  44. Rebecca rose

    Arizona teachers also can get the sea world pass if registered before June 30.

  45. Pat

    Crocs stores offers a discount. I think I got 10% with school id.

  46. Nohemi Vargas Garza

    Denny’s and Luby’s in our area – not sure if that extends to other areas 🙂

  47. Rhonda Stanley

    Books-a-million gives a teacher discount card for 20% off purchases. I’m not sure if I had to show a school ID or a check stub.

  48. Tracy

    Florida teachers can get a pass that includes Legoland, Legoland Water Park, Madam Toussuads, Orlando Aquarium and the Orlando Eye with free parking.

  49. Laura

    These sound great, and I was not aware of all of these businesses giving us teachers discounts other than Barnes and Noble. With them, however, they only give the discount if what you are purchasing will be used in the classroom – and they do ask.

  50. Amanda

    New York & company gives you a 10% discount (if I remember correctly) when you show your school if.

    • Janice

      I believe NY& Co is a 15% discount, unless they changed it.

  51. Courtney

    Half Price Books will give teachers 10% off every total, if you tell them you are a teacher and get a card

  52. Terri

    Half Price Books offers 10%

  53. Elizabeth Cwiakala

    Talbots stores gives a discount for teachers on regularly priced items.

  54. Sharon

    Talbots offers 15 % off regular priced items.

  55. Jessica

    Target does not…I checked with them in person today.

  56. Alissa

    I can confirm the Eddie Bauer discount is 15%. It even works at their outlet stores.

  57. Melissa

    I checked with New York & Company. They do offer a teacher discount WITH ID when inventory is full price.

    • Jennifer @ Simply Kinder

      Thanks for letting us know!

  58. MB

    Ann Taylor offers a discount on non sale items.

    • Lhjackson

      Ann Taylor does not offer the discount for online purchases!!!!!!!!

  59. m. fuller

    Hobby Lobby, Target, Office Depot, and McCalister’ s Deli all offer teacher discounts.

    • Heather Robinett

      Hobby Lobby does offer a discount with a Purchase Order only. I asked.

    • Theresa Johnson

      Hobby Lobby does not offer a discount to all teachers. Our store in Lincoln only offers it to Lincoln Public School teachers if they have an LPS credit card.

  60. Allie

    Pat Catans does too!

  61. Caitlin

    Bare minerals also offers 10% off with your school ID!


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