The Truth About Back To School Supplies

As teachers we sure do love our school supplies.  But teachers holds some truths about them many may not know!  With back to school season coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some of the secret truths about school supplies through GIFs!

The Truth About School Supplies as told through GIFs.

Backpacks – Backpacks are an essential back to school supply in all grade levels, but backpacks often take on a life of themselves!   Smells.  Rotten food.  Trash.  Liquor bottles.  Animals.  (Oh yes to the last two.)   Backpacks are like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag filled with all sorts of stuff!


Glue – Oh glue, how I love you!  I really do love doing projects with glue, but have you ever taught a child how to use glue?  Glue gets everywhere!  And then once they know how to use it, it becomes glueing your hands together, eating glue, and even pouring it in places that it seriously is not meant to go!  Have you ever eaten glue?  (I admit I did as a child.  LOL)

Back to School Supplies as told through GIFs!

Back to School Supplies as told through GIFs!

Scissors – As a previous kindergarten teacher, I can tell you there are about a handful of students every year who come through my door who cannot use scissors.  Boy, you better watch out when they learn how to use them because they will cut paper when we are not cutting paper, your nice new Seat Sacks (insert sadness), and even hair… on other kids!  Now I have not had this happen in my room, but I will never forget my sister’s hair getting cut at school one day by another student.  Boy was my mom M-A-D!  

Pencils – Pencils seem easy right?  What could teachers have against pencils?  Well, pencils are light sabers, swords, pokers, and a whole list of other fun items that  do not include writing!  Pencils are dangerous objects when sharpened.  Think about it… we are giving kids sharp sticks where the end breaks off easily!  When I was in school, I remember 2 kids (yes I said 2) who got stabbed with pencils and lead stuck in their bodies.  Both involved doctors!  Pencils are dangerous things and should be taken very seriously!

Back to School Supplies as told through GIFs!

Lunch Boxes – Kids love to pick out a lunch box every year and it’s really fun to see their personalities and excitement in what they pick!  But what’s packed inside that lunch box is sometimes a concern!  The government has worked so hard to get ‘healthy foods’ into our cafeterias but what about the kids who bring lunches?  Do you know what it’s like to teach a kindergartener after they had a bag of Cheetos, a Capri Sun, and 2 cookies for lunch?  I can’t tell you how many school lunches I have bought with my own account because there is no policy in place to make sure kids really get what it needed for lunch.  And by no policy I mean the district will not give them a hot lunch or even a free brown bag lunch because they brought something from home.  I am by no means suggesting schools or teachers police lunches from home, but there should be some exceptions when this happens so that a child can get a hot dog or sandwich without the teacher having to pay for it!  Soap box moment: #bringbackmyrectanglepizza!

Back to School Supplies as Told through GIF's

BINGO Dotters – BINGO!  (You yelled it right?  LOL)  BINGO daubers are the latest craze in early childhood classrooms.  They are so engaging for students because they are different and there are all sorts of printable activities to use them on!  BUT… BINGO daubers are messy and the ink never comes out.  Take your eyes off little Johnny or little Moriah for 2 seconds, they will have body art like no other!    I have had a BINGO dauber stain my table before, that’s how powerful these things are.  My suggestion – buy kids daubers and don’t use the free ones you get at the local BINGO hall.  LOL.  Whoops.

Back to School Supplies as Told through GIF's

Crayons & Markers – Now these are fun!  What can possibly happen with crayons and markers?  One year I was moved to first grade.  I was like “score – they can be trusted with school supplies.”  It took about 3 hours of my little Sarah to take a brand new Expo marker and color on my wall.  ON MY WALL. Yeah – that was fun to explain to the custodian.  So I keep some ‘special’ markers for myself.  Well one day when I had a sub, a dear sweet student took my Marks-A-Lot Marker and wrote her NAME on my dry-erase, magnetic easel that I owned!  If you know Marks-A-Lot Markers, those things are permanent – and I mean permanent!  I literally wore away the marker board trying to get her name off.  (It’s still there.)


Hand Sanitizer! – Yes I gave this one an exclamation point!  The fact that “hanitizer” is even on the back to school shopping list is like a sign of the times!  I don’t remember ever using hand sanitizer when I was a child.  Now it’s like a necessity to sanitize our hands often in the classroom.  Kids can be gross.  They pick their noses, scratch their butts, and then want to give you a big hug!  I can’t even imagine how dirty things were when I was a child.  How did we live without hand sanitizer?

The Truth About School Supplies as told through GIFs.

Paper – I love paper. I have no complaints about paper.  =)  LOL.  But then again, my students are not old enough to fold paper airplanes or pass notes! =)

Please comment your teacher truth about school supplies!

Please note.  Many of the stories shared are my own personal experiences.  Do me a favor and don’t pass judgment – becoming a great teacher takes YEARS of practice and lots of lessons learned!  This post is all in good fun to poke at some of the things we deal with as teachers. And just so you know, I am a FIRM believer in all families do the best they can, but as teachers we all know these things happen!

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