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As teachers, we LOVE our school supplies!  (I bet many of us tend to hoard them!)  Depending on where you teach, you may get these supplies directly from your school.  Or you may get overloaded with school supplies from your student’s families.  Or you may like to purchase your own supplies each year because you want them all to match like me.  Either way, here’s a list of what school supplies I would go through in a typical year so you can plan accordingly!

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Crayons – 1 box of beginner crayons and 2 boxes of regular crayons.

We start the year with our beginning crayons.  As we learn how to use crayons and the colors, we move into our regular box of crayons.  In January, I usually also give the kids a fresh box of crayons too!

This resource goes well with:

Glue – 8 sticks, 4 bottles, or 1-gallon size glue jug.

Depending on your approach to glue, the above will get you through the year.  FYI – I don’t usually buy off-brand glue, and I DESPISE purple glue.

Here's to hoping teachers made enough at their summer jobs to afford back to school supplies. LOL Back to School Shopping Funny Meme!
Buddy the Elf. School Supplies. I love school supplies! Exactly how much school supplies does my classroom need for the year?

Pencils – A lot.  Beginner pencils & regular.  That’s all.  Pens too.

We have a pencil problem in my room – they literally grow legs and walk away.  It happens year after year so however many pencils we go through each year is not going to help you in your planning. LOL.  We start with the beginner pencils without erasers because I don’t like my kids focusing on erasing (and they will if you give them an eraser.)  Then when they are more comfortable, we move to regular pencils.  Some years we even transition to pens in the spring.  Pens give students that little extra bit of responsibility when writing and it can really revive their love of doing work!

 Primary Writing Paper – 3 reams

Paper is hard because most of the time I do print my own writing paper, but I do like to have this newsprint-type, thin writing paper on hand at all times.  We use it during centers or during lessons to practice writing things.  (I usually cut it in half.  We write on the top and then you can illustrate it at the bottom.)

Teaching, the only profession where you take supplies from home to work. Great post on how much supplies your kindergarten classroom needs for the year!

Construction Paper – 6-7 packs of each color.

This is of course subjective and you may have some leftover for the next year or only make it until December.  But if you teach like me, you will go through it a lot of construction paper!

Expo Markers – 6-7 markers for each student.

I use Expo Markers on day one with my students (OK maybe day 2.)  We use them at least 2-3 times per day.  So we go through them a lot!  I would say, we go through about 6-7 markers per child each year if I am not extremely careful in caring for them.

Back to school shopping meme. Great post with how much supplies you will need for your classroom for the year!

Spiral Notebooks – 2-3 spiral notebooks.

I use spiral notebooks throughout the year for writing, for note-taking, for science, and for random projects, I decide I want to do!  For kindergarten, I recommend the wide-ruled 70 page books.  I have yet to have a set plan for notebooks each year, but I like to have them stocked away because I know I will need them at some point.

Folders – 3-4 class sets (and each a different color)

I like to buy my own folders each year so that I can have all my folders match.  I also always get folders with prongs so that way I can add sheet protectors for important papers. These are like the notebooks above where I keep them stored away because I know I will need them at some point.

Teachers need a break on the cost of school supplies! Great post about how much schools supplies you will need for your classroom!

BINGO Dotters – 2 sets (or 10-12 dotters)

We love to use bingo dotters in the many lessons we get online!  So I usually get a fresh set of BINGO dotters each year.  Some teachers these days may also opt to have a class set because they use them on printables and such.

Anchor Chart Markers – 1 Box of Mr. Sketch Markers

You need your own set of markers to use on chart paper.  Mr. Sketch Markers are PERFECT because the colors never bleed, they are bright, and they smell yummy! I usually start the year with 1 fresh box of markers, but they seriously would last me years if I was not such a smelly marker snob so I like to get a new set each year!   (PS – did you know if you put orange and yellow together is smells like Fruit Loops?  Really. Go try!)

You know you are a teacher if you know what "hanitizer" is! Great post about how much school supplies your classroom will need for the year!

 Hand Santizer – Just hoard it.  (LOL)

I don’t even think I could estimate how much hand sanitzer we go through in kindergarten.  Personally, I like the 40 oz. Germ-X bottles.  This also depends on if you are hand sanitizing for lunch and restroom breaks instead of washing.  =)  I would just fill up your cabinet with it if you can!

What’s on your back to school shopping list for your classroom and how much do you need?

How much of each school supply should you make sure your kindergarten class has at the start of the year? Great for back to school!

Let us know below!

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