Thanksgiving Snap Cube Math Center Freebie

Nov 23, 2014 | Fall, Freebies, Math, November, Snap Cubes, Social Studies, Thanksgiving, TpT in Action | 1 comment

Snap cube activities are always a favorite of my students!  Students will work on counting and logic skills to create an various objects!  It’s endless fun and our Thanksgiving set is free!

So basically what the students do is see the image and then try to copy it with the snap cubes.  You can see below this young man is trying to line the snap cubes up… strategizing how to get them to look like the sample shown.
Eventually the students will begin to make the connection that they can count the rows, and copy the colors shown in the image.  Then making snap cube images (or words or numbers) will be easy as pie!
This download is free for your students to work on ONLY in my Teachers Pay Teachers Marketplace!
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