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The Unwritten Rules of Car Dismissal

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The Unwritten Rules of Car Dismissal.  It's so easy!!!  #SimplyKinder

Car Safety for Kids at School.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to pick my son from school this year as a regular parent and it is seriously so angering!   There are at least 2-3 times per week where I get cut off, short cut, or have to dodge children.  It’s not safe and it needs to change!   And as a teacher who has worked at several schools and has now experienced this from both sides, there are some unwritten rules of car dismissal that everyone should follow!  Parents – listen up!

1.  Get in line!

2.  Stay in line!

3.  Don’t not leave spaces in the line!  Pull up!

4.  Don’t leave your car while in line!

5.  Do not drive around and find gaps to fill in the line.

6.  Pull up.  If the line moves, so do you!!!  That’s how a line works!

7.  Don’t pull through the free flowing traffic lane, stop, and let your students jump in. It’s not safe!

8.  Do not talk to the teacher.  If you need to talk to the teacher, park and walk up.

9.  Park where you are supposed to.  Don’t park in the dismissal line or anywhere that will block it.

10.  Don’t let your kids run across the parking lot.  No honking and kids running to your car.

11.  No honking.  Just no honking please.

12.  Drive the right direction.  Go in the entrance and out the exit.

13.  Turn down your radio?  You want to listen to Bel Biv Devoe that’s fine but “Do Me Baby” is not school appropriate!

14.  Put your children in carseats!  Where I live the magic number to not have a booster seat is 8!  Yet I think in the last 14 years of teaching I have seen maybe 5 or 6 kids go in them!

15.  Be aware of what is going on around you.  If the line is moving, you should be moving.  Don’t stop at a certain point in the line and wait for your child!  Keep moving.

16.  Get off your cell phone.  It’s crazy and chaotic and you should really focus on getting out as quickly as you can.  Trust me!

17.  No smoking.  You are on school property!  It’s kind of illegal isn’t it?  Or wait that’s weapons on campus?  New rule.. if a teacher can’t do it, you can’t do it.  So no smoking and put a shirt on!  LOL!

Want to communicate this with your parents?  Here’s a FREE EDITABLE PRINTABLE to communicate your school’s expectations for all of your dismissal areas!

Free dismissal printable from Simply Kinder.  Explain to your families the procedures at your school!  And read all about the "Unwritten Rules of Car Dismissal."

Don’t be Jack Butler people!!!


Any rules I miss?  Please comment them below.  People need to know this stuff!

I have come the realization that this will be a working list and so check back for updates on how to act appropriate in the car dismissal area!

Thank you!

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