TpT Back to School Sale… How I Shop!

I wanted to share with everyone how I shop on TeachersPayTeachers – because IMO – it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for sometimes!
First… I check my wish list! ¬†Whenever I see stuff I like I always wish list it because I will remember something but not quite be able to put my finger on what the name was or who made it! ¬†Love this feature of TpT!
The next way I shop is by my favorite sellers!  I will visit their stores and see what they have recently posted.  As sellers create more and more, their style changes and so I like to see what exactly have they been recently working on because most likely those will be items that we need right now.
Next I will do some keyword searches for things I want.  Did you know when you are searching for items on TpT you can have it set to be thumbnails instead of the small images and descriptions?  I love this because I am a very visual person and I can sift through more faster to see exactly what I want!
And one last way I shop has some payoff for you as well… I will go back and check what stores I made recent purchases from and see what those people have recently made. ¬†(And I of course leave feedback because I am horrible at leaving feedback as I go.)
The big Back to School Blastoff Sale is August 4th and 5th which is tomorrow!  So tonight I will be loading up my shopping cart so tomorrow I can just check out quickly (and then probably go shop for more!)
All of Simply Kinder is on sale for 28% off!  Take a peek and then head on over to load up!  Do you have a shopping tip you would like to share?  Please comment below!
Happy Back to School everyone!

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