Calendar Movements

Aug 16, 2014 | August, Management, Organization, Social Studies, Teacher Wisdom | 7 comments

Movement makes everything more meaningful for kids so I am constantly looking for places to add movement!  One way I have adapted my calendar is by adding movements to the days of the week.
I used the left over blank calendar pieces from the MANY calendar sets I have and created my own little movements for them.  Check them out below!
So pull out some of those blank pieces, create a little signal to match that picture, and label them with the days of the week.  Kids will appreciate the visual and the movement!
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  1. Diane

    Love this idea! Also, I really like the alphabet in the background. Where can I find those at?

  2. Rabecka

    I use sign language during calendar for days of the week and we finger spell the month. I add sign language whenever possible to help those kinesthetic learners and help my ESL students!

  3. Erin Wing

    Love the movements! I also love your new blog design!

  4. Betsy Brown

    Love this idea to make topics memorable through movement. You’ve got me started now, and I am off to find icons for the months of the year movements, too. Thank you.


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